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Querying Heterogeneous Linked Date Interfaces through Reasoning

Poster for ISWC 2016 doctoral consortium

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Querying Heterogeneous Linked Date Interfaces through Reasoning

  1. 1. QUERYING HETEROGENEOUS LINKED DATA INTERFACES THROUGH REASONING Joachim Van Herwegen – Ghent University - imec data dump subject page Triple Pattern Fragment SPARQL query result high client cost high availability high bandwidth high server cost low availability low bandwidth ?name ?age “Alice” 36 “Bob” 38 ex:Alice foaf:name “Alice” ex:Alice foaf:age 36 ex:Alice foaf:knows ex:Bob. ex:Bob foaf:name “Bob” ex:Bob foaf:age 38 ex:Bob foaf:knows ex:Alice db:IMEC foaf:member ex:Alice db:IMinds foaf:member ex:Bob How to combine data endpoints with different interfaces? db:IMEC foaf:name “imec” db:IMinds foaf:name “iMinds” Specify supported SPARQL components per interface and how to solve them Endpoint metadata Use reasoning to link separate interfaces to query, merge results locally ?name ?age ?org “Alice” 36 “imec” “Bob” 38 “iMinds” ex:EP1 a ex:SPARQL; dcat:accessURL void:vocabulary … ex:EP2 a ex:TPF; dcat:accessURL void:vocabulary … ex:SPARQL ex:solves ex:Project, … ex:TPF ex:solves ex:BGP …