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Skye dubai cloud

  1. 1. As businesses of all sizes around the world discover the huge commercial advantages of virtualisation and private cloud computing, it’s good to know that Skye IT Cloud is the only cloud computing specialist operating locally in UAE.
  2. 2. Welcome to Skye IT Cloud If you depend on your IT organisation and structure to drive your success and support your staff, it’s vital to find an efficient cloud computing operation with local market expertise who understand your needs and who you can trust – that’s why Skye IT Cloud is the right choice. Using the latest Hypervisor & tier 1 hardware our Skye IT Cloud is specifically designed to streamline and optimise your IT infrastructure by reducing your IT costs and replacing server sprawl with a highly flexible, efficient and easy-to-manage private infrastructure. With our active presence in UAE and our data centre based in Dubai, we work with Etisalat to virtualise our client’s environments, whether it is a standard managed structure or a bespoke solution. Our cloud & managed services are all hosted in Dubai, utilising cutting-edge MPLS networks within the UAE. And our 24/7 engineering team are always here to manage the latest technologies both in the UAE and UK. Skye IT Cloud also works with Dubizzle a premier ecommerce site in the UAE to enhance users experience utilising our cloud infrastructure.
  3. 3. The benefits of using Hosting Solutions Skye IT Cloud for all you needs Our Skye IT Cloud gives your IT staff the ability to Managed Hosting manage the virtual processor, memory, storage, and With Skye IT managed hosting we are responsible for network resources of a dedicated, outsourced IT the data centre, network, devices, operating system and infrastructure. You can control the management of application infrastructure components so that you can your virtualised infrastructure while enabling scalable be sure you have a stable operating environment for production, business continuity, and workforce all you applications. Because our managed service is mobility solutions. so responsive it also offers greater value because it frees up your IT personnel from everyday tasks saving With Skye IT Cloud you can: you money. • Optimise and streamline your IT infrastructure Dedicated servers • Replace server sprawl We can provide dedicated servers (Rackspace) for all our clients across Microsoft Windows and all • Reduce your IT and capital expenditure popular operating systems. Our solutions are fully • Simplify IT management flexible as well as customisable depending on your IT requirements and are ideal for companies who want to • Increase operational efficiencies maintain a certain degree of control combined with full • Have complete peace of mind with safe and secure data storage technical support. Hybrid Hosting • Focus on true business priorities We know that for some things you have to have a dedicated server whilst for others you don’t want to • Increase worker mobility pay for what you don’t need. That’s why we offer • Reduce resource and training costs Skye IT hybrid solutions, enabling you to benefit from the best of managed systems and dedicated rackspace • Receive predictable monthly service costs all at once. • Benefit from Dependable Service Level Agreement (SLA) Managed Colocation Skye IT managed colocation (or platform hosting) is simply a flexible solution that combines in-house Small businesses and mid-market companies can use hosting with the convenience of a managed solution. Skye IT Cloud to deploy a virtual infrastructure for up to In other words you can have the control of your 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) and deliver reliable, cost- operating systems and devices in-house whilst we effective access to computing power handle hardware purchasing, deploying, scaling and and corporate data to empower your employees managing the devices as well as looking after your workers to achieve their business goals. Skye IT Cloud network and data centre. is also ideal for developers who require a reliable Online Storage application platform. Skye IT Cloud secure online backup provides a centralised and automated backup of PC’s and servers with secure off-site storage and immediate online recovery; and, our online backup can be scheduled to backup up your data on a daily basis at a time to suit you.
  4. 4. Skye IT Cloud offer a wide range of services to make your business more productive, more efficient and more successful. Hosted Email & Applications Virtual Desktop Solutions for your staff A hosted application, also known as Internet-based Workforce mobility and security for the desktop application, web-based application, online application The Skye IT Workforce Cloud integrates desktop PCs, and Application Service Providers (ASPs) are all laptops, and other devices with your hosted servers, software applications where the software resides on data, and services. Each employees desktop data is servers that you can access through the Internet, rather secured in the cloud, meaning that IT management is than the more traditional software that is installed on simplified and centralised. either a local server or on individual PCs. More efficient working Hosted Exchange 2010 Because the Skye IT Workforce Cloud puts your desktop Skye IT Cloud email hosting brings you all the features in the cloud, it effectively closes the loop between of Microsoft Exchange 2010 to your desk, without the the desktop and your data centre making it far more costs of setting up your own servers. No matter where effective; because it provides a unified platform that your employees are located, they’ll be able to access integrates desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, and other all their data and email at any time as well as share devices with hosted servers, data, and services. calendars and contacts with colleagues. Better user experience Hosted SharePoint Services Your workers’ desktop environment is the same as SharePoint™ lets you create a central location where ever—except it’s hosted in the Skye IT Workforce Cloud. co-workers, partners, and customers can share issues, The user experience is the same as traditional PCs or contacts, announcements, Web links, and calendars. laptops with support for local devices like printers or Team members can easily create workspaces for scanners. Application performance is as good or better meeting discussions, surveys, documents, task lists, than that of a single-disk desktop. and other collaboration needs that increase their productivity. Safe and secure Because employee data is stored in the Skye IT ThinApp™ virtualisation Workforce Cloud—not in a PC or vulnerable laptop— With ThinApp, your applications are packaged into data is safe and secure even if devices are lost, stolen portable pieces that run completely isolated from each or destroyed. And restoring a user’s desktop to a new other and the operating system to ensure conflict-free machine can be done in minutes saving you valuable running on your devices. It also easily migrates existing downtime and hassle. applications to Windows 7, saving you money on costly recoding and regression. Complete mobility for your people With the Skye IT Workforce Cloud your travelling, remote, and telecommuting workers can work from wherever they need or want to - securely. You can easily provision PCs, laptops, and mobile devices for new employees and get every employee up and working quickly with streamlined deployment and recovery. To find out more about how Skye IT Dubai Skye IT Cloud can make your Blue Diamond Building business more productive and Sheikh Zayed Road efficient, contact us today on P.O.Box 121828 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Contact: +971 50 5532014 +971 50 5532014 or +971 55 8841564 or Email: +971 55 8841564 Web: