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Using Twitter for Reference & Promotion


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Part of presentation on "From Experimentation to Engagement: Social Media at the UNC Library" at TRLN Annual Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC.

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Using Twitter for Reference & Promotion

  1. 1. Twitter Conventions: @ & DM • @JOMCParkLib – is the name / address of the Journalism School Library’s Twitter account – is a public reply to or mention of JOMCParkLib • DM @JOMCParkLib – Direct (private) message that only you & @JOMCParkLib can read
  2. 2. @Person = Conversation
  3. 3. Twitter Conventions: RT• RT @lrainie You “Re-Tweeted” a tweet from Lee Rainie – It’s like forwarding an email with attribution• Similar to RT: – MT = Modified Tweet (you edited it some) – ST = sponsored tweet $ – PT = promoted tweet $
  4. 4. Twitter Conventions: # • Provide common acronym, term, word(s) for an event or topic – #ala12 – #TRLN12 • For aggregating, grouping tweets • Sometimes cynical • Sometimes ads! – @SnoopDogg: Shout out to my girl @NennaYvonne new tune ‘In The Past’ - it’s off da hook – hit up the vid on TuneDay #getwithit #ad
  5. 5. Twitter Reference
  6. 6. Twitter Library Promotion