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Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Shot by shot analysis<br />3467100290195<br />This is a shot by shot analysis of a short film called ‘Black hole’ made in 2008 about a sleep-deprived office worker who accidentally finds a black hole, his greed then gets the better of him. <br />Shot 1: Wide shot, (establishing shot) of an office. This sets the scene of the film. (5 seconds)<br />Shot 2: A mid shot of a man in a shirt and tie. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 3: Point of view shot of the man working the photocopier buttons. (1 second)<br />Shot 4: A mid shot of the man in the office again (4 seconds)<br />Shot 5: A close up of the photocopier and the man’s hand. He is getting impatient. (4 seconds)<br />Shot 6: Long shot of the office and the man still getting frustrated. (Half a second)<br />Shot 7: Medium close up of the man’s shoes kicking the photocopier. (Half a second)<br />Shot 8: Mid shot of the man next to the photocopier. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 9: A close up or point of view shot of the piece of paper coming out of the photocopier which has a big black circle on it. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 10: Mid shot of the man at the photocopier getting the piece of paper out. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 11: Close up of the man. This shows his facial expressions clearly. ( 2 seconds)<br />Shot 12: Mid shot of the man looking at his watch.(2 seconds)<br />Shot 13: A shot looking up at the man through the point of view of the black hole on the photocopier. (4 seconds)<br />Shot 14: Mid shot of the man drinking (2 seconds)<br />Shot 15: Point of view shot from the black hole. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 16: Close up on man’s face staring down at the black hole (5 seconds)<br />Shot 17: Mid shot of the man messing about with the paper (3 seconds)<br />Shot 18: Wide shot of another room or part of the room with a vending machine and the guy walking towards it with the paper.(3 seconds)<br />Shot 19: Mid shot at an angle to the vending machine. Guy sticks paper to the vending machine and looks around. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 20: Close up of the black hole attached to the vending machine as the guy puts his hand through it into the machine. (Noise and beeping of the photocopier goes on throughout the scene to add suspension to it). (4 seconds)<br />Shot 21: Mid shot of the man bringing out a chocolate bar from the vending machine. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 22: Mid shot of the man now moved away from the vending machine eating the chocolate and looking around. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 23: Medium close up of guy’s face chomping on the chocolate and looking around for the next thing to do. The last second of the shot the guys face changes and shows he has had a thought in his head. (4 seconds)<br />Shot 24: Wide shot of the room from another angle. All that is shown is the wall and a door. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 25: Close up again on the guy, he is thinking and looking at the door, still eating chocolate. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 26: Mid shot from the other side of the door, showing the guys shadow through the glass of the door. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 27: Close up now on the other side of the door where the guy is again. Showing the paper with the black hole attached to the door with the guys hand though it. He opens the door from the inside. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 28: Mid shot back to the inside of the door with the guys reflection through the class as he opens the door. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 29: Mid shot of the guy now standing in the door way with the lights flashing, he thinks. (5 seconds)<br />Shot 30: Wide shot of the guy walking further in to the room (office?) shot behind the man so we can’t see his face. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 31: Wide shot if the guy kneeling on the floor next to a safe, holding the paper with the black hole on it and looking around. (1 second)<br />Shot 32: Close up of guys face looking about.(1 second)<br />Shot 33: Wide shot of the guy kneeling again with the paper against the safe. (4 seconds)<br />Shot 34: Close up of guy’s hands pulling a heap of money out of the safe. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 35: Mid shot of man getting excited and happy, still kneeling on the floor and pulling more money out. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 36: Close up of a big heap of money notes on the floor. (1 second)<br />Shot 37: Close of man still getting money out of the safe and him looking around for people in case he gets caught. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 38: Wide shot of the guy with the money on the floor. (1 second)<br />Shot 39: Close up of the guys face showing he is struggling to reach the money in the back of the safe. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 40: Close up of a bigger heap of money on the floor and the guys hand adding to it. (1 second)<br />Shot 41: Mid shot of guy looking at money overwhelmed and excited. (1 second)<br />Shot 42: Wide shot form outside the room looking in through the door with the guy still kneeling on the floor reaching for more money. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 43: Close up of the black hole (2 seconds)<br />Shot 44: Close up of guys face laughing (1 second)<br />Shot 45: Close up of money yet again but a bigger heap than last time (1 second)<br />Shot 46: Mid shot of guy still reaching further into the safe, struggling. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 47: Close up of man putting his head into the black hole and climbing in. (4 seconds)<br />Shot 48: Extreme close up of the top of the piece of paper on the safe. The celotape is slowly starting to pull of the safe. (2 seconds) <br />Shot 49: Close up of the black hole and the bottom of the guy’s feet. (1 second)<br />Shot 50: Extreme close up of the celotape coming off the safe and dropping down. (1 second) <br />Shot 51: Mid shot of the safe through the door and the piece of paper laying on the floor. (5 seconds)<br />Shot 52: Wide shot of the same picture with the sound of banging coming from inside the safe. (3 seconds)<br />Shot 53: Long shot of the same picture yet again. (2 seconds)<br />Shot 54: A black screen<br />THE END<br />The short filmed used a lot of different shots and camera angles. I’ve noticed from doing this shot by shot that the speed of the different shots got a lot quicker at the end of the film as the tension was building us to the climax of the story. This was when the guy got to the safe and started grabbing money out of it quicker and quicker before he fell in to the safe.<br />The film used mostly dark, plain colours. I think they used this to keep it simple as possible, so all of the audience’s attention and focus is on the guy. <br />Throughout there is a constant beeping in the background from the photocopier. This set’s the scene of being in the office and builds tension throughout. I think the beeping goes in place of speech as there isn’t one line of speaking in the whole film. <br />There are some point of view shots throughout as well. This puts the audience in the eyes of the guy in the office. At one point we see the door of the room with the safe in it which is what he is looking at.<br />