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  1. 1. On this front cover which is for the new James Bond film. He is seen to be all dirty and bruised and beaten. Which connotes he is a man who is involved in a lot of action and is a fighter as he is holding a gun. The background is a desert which gives the audience an idea of where the movie is going to be set. Above his head there is the title James Bond is back! This tells the audience who don’t know, that he is James Bond. The main title is the name of the film which is written in an eye catching font. There is then a catch line for the movie beneath that which says “Inside the bloodiest bond ever” which gives the impression to the audience that it is going to be even more action packed than the last film and this film will be even more violent. 371475609600Front Cover Research<br />371475261620<br />On this front cover which is for Johnny Depps new film Public Enemies. It shows his will a machine gun in his hand which connotes there will be action in this film and also my looking at what he is wearing we can tell this film is set in the 1930’s. Also as he is wearing a hat and leather gloves I feel this connotes he is quite a mysterious character. Also the smoke below him could connote that he has just shot someone or to also show he is mysterious again. Also along the right hand side it has a first look of the heroes in 2010. By using the words “First look” it gives the impression to the customer that they are find out news before other people. Also dotted over the whole page are adverts for other movies. <br />