Global Fashion mark scheme


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Global Fashion mark scheme

  1. 1. Year 9 Assessment - Global Fashion Industry (Assessment Method: Newspaper report) Name: Group: Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Recognising and Describing and Explaining and Analysing and making Evaluating describing beginning to explain beginning to analyse links All students will... Most students will... Some students will... Recognise and Describe what places Describe and explain Use these links Explain changes in the describe some involved in the GFI are the characteristics of between places characteristics of places placesFeatures of features of places like and how they are places involved in the involved in the GFI to involved in the GFI over involved in the GFI affected by their place GFI and recognise that analyse them, drawing time by drawing on and appreciate in the world and their the some places are on knowledge of a knowledge and where they are in level of development. interdependent range of locations and understanding of a the world. levels of development. wide range of locations and levels of development. Understand that Demonstrate Demonstrate Describe and explain Analyse the advantages there are understanding of understanding of the the advantages and and disadvantages of advantages and geographical diversity ways in which the disadvantages of the the GFI and how they disadvantages to the by describing the advantages and GFI and how they interact and show how processesHuman GFI which can advantages and disadvantages of the interact and show these interactions change the features disadvantages of the GFI lead to diversity how these create diversity and of places. Explain GFI. This creates and change in places. interactions create interdependence and how these changes similarities and diversity and help change places. affect the lives and differences in interdependence and activities of people different places and in help change places. living there. the lives of people who live there. ncommunicatioGeographical sourcesGeographical phical skillsGeogra- Use a range of Select and use Select a range of skills Select and use Select a wide range of geographical skills. appropriate skills and and sources of accurately a wide skills and use them ways of presenting evidence and use range of skills. effectively and information. them effectively. accurately. Use primary and Select information and Identify potential bias Evaluate sources of Evaluate sources of secondary sources of sources of evidence in sources. Some evidence critically, evidence critically, evidence. No and begin to identify evidence of identify and respond identify and respond to evidence of bias. Little evidence independent research. to bias. Evident use of bias (before using independent of independent independent research. them). Detailed and research. research. selective use of independent research. Use appropriate Suggest plausible Present information Give well-argued Give full and clearly vocabulary. Show a conclusions and use clearly using summaries using argued summaries with simple appropriate appropriate methods accurate vocabulary substantiated understanding of vocabulary. Show an and vocabulary with and begin to reach conclusions. Apply a globalisation. understanding of conclusions consistent substantiated detailed and accurate globalisation. with evidence. Show conclusions. Show a understanding of a good understanding detailed globalisation. of globalisation. understanding of globalisation. Target Level: Level Attained: Teacher Comments Teacher Target 1. My target
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