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The Royal Troop of Northumbria

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  1. 1. Once upon a time, therewere eight extraordinary lives in the kingdom of Northumbria.
  2. 2. They lived an ordinary life until they were called by the High King.
  3. 3. The first one is Feliza, a dance goddess. She hasalways been brave and loveable so the High Kinggave her a pearl red ballet shoes and a dove asher emblem. She was assigned as the RoyalEntertainer.
  4. 4. The second is the royal daughter of the Duke.She is Jahaziel. The High King gave her a phlox-colored pendant and a flamingo as her emblem.Elegance and sophistication were her assets.
  5. 5. The third lass is a pen master. Her name isAdrienne. She can move emotions through herwritings. After hearing her specialty, the HighKing made her the Royal Chancellor. As a reward,she was given a purple pen and a cat.
  6. 6. The fourth is a lass living on the hilltop.She is Raquel. Her love for musicattracted the King that he made Raquel theRoyal Musician. A black harp and a penguinwere her treasures.
  7. 7. The only rose among the thorns was Robert. He is avagabond from a faraway kingdom. He worked as atravelling healer and after he has gained the King’sloyalty, he was invited to be the Royal Doctor. Hewas given a sky blue flask for medicine and a turtlefor his emblem.
  8. 8. Jnysz is a simple, caring, and happy damsel who in spiteof the world’s unkindness still sees the beauty of life.She speaks with wisdom and precision. She is often seenin the town library searching for the Lesson. The King,having heard of her intelligence, made her the RoyalAdviser. She loves the water that she was given anamber boat paddle and a dolphin.
  9. 9. The seventh is Pauline. The High King had chosenher so that she might change the way she seesherself. Pauline is beautiful, and charming butreserved because she never saw how wonderful a swanshe is. The King gave her a horse and a sapphire ringto convince her of being the Royal Peacemaker.
  10. 10. The last is a damsel from the downtown. She has thepower to talk with the Supreme as her friend. Whenevershe whispers to the wind, the wind brings her message tothe Supreme. The High King made her the RoyalPriestess and because of her power, she was given aneagle to send her messages to people and an amethyst keyto a secret paradise.
  11. 11. 8 ordinary lives, 8 special powers, 8 specialties, 1 big calling...
  12. 12. They have fears, but they have a Supreme Guide.They have doubts, but they have the Spirit of Courage.They left their homes for a specialmission, they got nothing but each other.
  13. 13. Trials... Difficulties... Failure... Hopelessness... No...Nothing can beat them. Not even death. Because they are ONE.
  14. 14. They were called to bethe Royal Troup of theKingdom Northumbria.
  15. 15. THE END.
  16. 16. The Kingdom of Northumbria PowerPoint Presentation prepared by: ALAMBRA, Feliza Joyce BALILO, Jahaziel May BENUYO, Adrienne DELA CRUZ, Raquel Ann GRIMARES, Robert John MONTEJO, Jnysz RAAGAS, Pauline Eissel VALENCIA, Rimarose