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  2. 2. ATLANTIC CITY G A M I NG EXPO ATLANTIC CITY GAMING EXPO April 20–24, 2009 Atlantic City Convention Center A D M I T T I M ATLANTIC CITY D G A M I N G EXPO A ATLANTIC CITY G A M I N G E XPO AT G A L A NT M I N IC C G E IT Y X PO Welcome Reception SPECIAL EVENTS April 20 – 24, 2009 Monday, November 16, 6:3 :00 pm You’re invited to celebrate with us at the Welcome Reception. This is Atlantic City Convention Center the must-attend event where you’ll enjoy enter tainment and cocktails as you rub elbows with the Whos’ Who of the gaming industr y. Networking Roundtables Tuesday, April 21, 12:30 pm, Room N109 Come exc hange ideas and discuss successes and challenges around dif ferent job functions within gaming. Each table will be themed with a dif ferent job function including: Casino Operators, Slot Operators THE EXPO The HIGHLIGHTS & Manufacturers, Security & Sur veillance executives, Women in Gaming, Table Game Operators & Manufacturers, Casino Designers & Arc hitects, and more. A tlan tic C it y ga Keynote Addresses Man ming Atlantic City gaming expo y of expo Manufacturers’ Presentations AT wednesday April 22, 9:00 – 10:00 am, Room N250 the s how’s is the larges t trade G A L A NT sales exhib itors con show of The Manufacturers’ Presentations is where you’ll see product M I N IC C Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. THE EXPO eve n t sider thi its kind in th G E IT Y e world of the year. T s to be th e most impor tant promotion and demonstrations and speak face-to-face with company representatives X PO event he Atlant from a ic City gam in a relaxed and private setting. Manufacturers’ Presentations president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. marketin ing expo is not on g standpo ly an important int but also se take place in meeting rooms of f the show floor to allow you to rves as a vital educational resource experience a unique educational and business-building environ- Thursday, November 19, 10:30 – 11:30am, Room N250 for designers and manufacturers seeking information about new product ment with exhibitors. Ernie Stevens, Jr. lines and trends. The show’s super track record has generated enormous c hairman of the National Indian Gaming Association. interest in this year’s event. More than 2,500 exhibitors have registered Diversity Exhibitor Program for booths while an additional 500 will be ready with presentations and The Diversity Exhibitor Program promotes diversity across all aspects workshops throughout the week of the show. Our new location in the Atlantic of the gaming industr y. This is where you will have the oppor tunity to City convention center has made it possible to comfortably accomodate the see small disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), minority business large number of exhibitors, presenters and visitors. The exhibition complex enterprise (MBE) or women’s business enterprise (WBE). includes a number of fine restaurants in addition to the many restaurants and clubs within walking distance. The exhibition complex is in close proximity Entertainment Showcase to a number of the city’s finest hotels, shops and museums. The scale and Don’t miss this live per formance stage where you will see a wide venue of this exhibition promise to make this year’s event the best ever. variety of musical, comedic and enter tainment ar tists. There is no better way to preview new and dynamic per formances to bring to your casino proper ty. You will enjoy all of these live per formances all three day of G2E in the newly-designed G2E Enter tainment Showcase lounge/showroom setting. AC GAMING E X P O 2 0 0 9 ac gaming expo AC Gaming Expo Logo, ticket, brochure, and poster for a gaming industry expo in Atlantic for a Logo, brochure, ticket, and poster City. gaming industry expo.
  3. 3. SHARPER. SHARPER. BRAVIA BRAVIA Razor sharp High Definition Television Razor sharp High Definition Television UPGRADE With BRAVIA HDTV’s your old picture will be sharper. Test the BRAVIA HDTVs today and you will leave with no doubt that SONY is the best in High Definition television. RAZOR SHARP HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION. Upgrade to BRAVIA High Definition CUT TO THE CORE OF COLOR WITH BRAVIA HD TV. New BRAVIA HDTVs coming spring 2010 XBR 9 - Series L - Series The new BRAVIA engine features a fully digital Whether you need an HDTV for the bedroom, video processor combined with Motionflow 240 Hz kitchen, or office, the L - Series HDTVs come technology produces breathtaking picture quality in several versatile sizes and provide vivid and makes fast-action movies and sports look 720p resolution, dynamic contrast and ample smoother and more precise than ever before. HD connections. S - Series F - Series Step up to full HD 1080p resolution and stunning Whether you need an HDTV for the bedroom, contrast without breaking the bank. The BRAVIA kitchen, or office, the L - Series HDTVs come in S - Series flat panel HDTVs offer advanced image several versatile sizes and provide vivid 720p processing features and a variety of HD input resolution, dynamic contrast and ample HD options at an affordable price. connections for the absolute best picture. SONY Print ads and promotional brochure for SONY Bravia high definition television.
  4. 4. ® Fully Charged. ® Fully Charged. powerbar Billboard ads.
  5. 5. chapstick Small billboard ads.
  6. 6. POLLUTING THE TRUTH FOX LIES Poster series, public service anouncement against biased media. >1/3
  9. 9. classic tarantino Promotional posters, DVD collection, and movie refreshment packaging for a Quentin Tarantino film festival. > 1/3
  10. 10. classic tarantino > 2/3
  11. 11. classic tarantino > 3/3
  12. 12. look @ the tree Album cover Client - Lee G & Delon
  13. 13. Twosies on the dramamine Album cover Client - Redshift
  14. 14. untitled Illustration for a dance production.
  15. 15. A 60 ’S ACID ROCK REVIV AL FESTIV AL the acid test Poster for a 60’s acid rock revival festival
  16. 16. concert posters Client - Staggeredworks >1/2
  17. 17. concert posters Client - Staggeredworks >2/2
  18. 18. tz] ar w s [jon [P] 215.287.8125 [E]