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Deploy & Continunous Integration - TDC Floripa 2015


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we talked about deploy and continuous integration in TDC Floripa.

Check it out.

Published in: Software, Technology
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Deploy & Continunous Integration - TDC Floripa 2015

  1. take a seat and let’s talk about this! Deploy & Continuous Integration: walking between flowers and stones
  2. WHO? Junior Rocha
 Cloud Engineer @juniorocha90 /jrrocha90
  3. Disclaimer! * this is not about how use DevOps tools. * neither the better way to do something. SO… WTF I’M DOING HERE? * far less to damn some tool.
  4. Summary * Continuous Integration * Continuous Deployment * Gênesis * Continuous Delivery * Questions?
  5. Continuous Integration Means: - maintain a code repository. - a lot of builds, every day. - automate the tests. - solve problems quickly. - reduce production problems. - devops culture?
  6. Continuous Integration
  7. CI Sample source code commit ci process build test report repository ci server
  8. Jenkins Job Example
  9. Jenkins AWS Plugin
  10. Jenkins Nodes
  11. Continuous Deployment "is the practice of releasing every good build to users – a more accurate name might have been 'continuous release'" .
  12. Continuous Deployment - put some code in production.
  13. Continuous Deployment - lead time reduced.
  14. Continuous Deployment - UAT for what?
  15. Continuous Deployment source code commit ci process build test report repository ci server bug fix feature
  16. Deployment vs Delivery? Continuous Deployment Continuous Delivery
  17. Continuous Deployment - there’s many approaches to select the right tool.
  18. Continuous Deployment - infrastructure as a code.
  19. Continuous Deployment - vagrant or docker?
  20. Continuous Deployment - monitoring.
  21. Continuous Deployment - be resilient.
  22. Continuous Deployment
  23. Gênesis 500AC We use magnetic disk! 1971 We use FTP!
  24. Gênesis 2000 2002 Subversion Tortoise SVN1990 CVS 2005 GIT
  25. Continuous Delivery "set of processes, tools and techniques for the rapid, reliable and continuous development and delivery of software.
  26. Continuous Delivery - delivery anytime
  27. Continuous Delivery - automate the code delivery.
  28. Continuous Delivery - do the right thing, and go the right way.
  29. Continuous Delivery - the code release is a business decision.
  30. Delivery Pipeline delivery team version control build & unit tests AAT UAT release commit trigger feedback
  31. Thanks!!!
 Any question?