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  1. BIDEN - Steady Progress at Scale
  2. Biden • Trillion dollar budget, (global) stimulus and infra spending, Corona and supply chains and logistics and EV and CEO of America • International leadership in Ukraine and Afghanistan and high inflation • Two quads in West Asia and Indo Pacific – growth of NATO- peace and prosperity • Developing relationship with India (Independence day), Diwali, increasing involvement of Indian Americans and contributing in a friendly way • Human infra all over USA and Build back better a global infra push • Democracy that performs in a unifying manner not divisive • Quiet implementation and steady progress in a changing society
  3. International Leadership in Ukraine and Afghanistan • Leader of the free world –proactive reach to the people and an attempt to solve the problem through people and negotiation. • Support from world leaders such as Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Macron and Modi • The situation was communicated to stakeholders and no bitterness was there – a more friendly globalization – that doesn’t ignore the divides – Russian leader Putin has himself communicated a time for ceasefire. • United Nations and other multilateral bodies were informed and a push for World peace seems achieveable.
  4. Trillion dollar Budget • Growth in healthcare, social security and military spending • Reduction in deficit • Increase in corporate taxes and the income of the rich • Statesmanship and passing of the budget with support from both parties • Trading on Oil reserves and achieving both profit and security • EV research and stimulus to achieve green US economy • Logistics and Supply chain debottlenecking for e.g. in computer chips and increasing the security of high tech industry.
  5. Democracy and Performance • Performance without alienating anybody, by requesting and mobilizing people for performance in a democratic manner • Emotions are balanced and though good discussion of methods and goals, unlock the performance of the nation. • Embracing everybody (Karve) including Immigrants, Asians, Woman and Africans in a rainbow of performance • Regular feed back and visits leads to build up success in the battle against threats such as Covid and the Ukraine War. • To give voice to the performers and the beneficiaries of performance in a subtle and clear way.
  6. Human infra all over USA and Build back better a global infra push • Infrastructure is crucial to support economy from inside and outside. • Human infra such as childcare, student loans can lead to the unlocking of human potential. • Climate change and the required retooling of American infra has been funded and being implemented. • Globally infrastructure is a growth industry – expressways, airports and high speed railways – Build Back Better is somewhat like the Marshall Plan leading to increasing American soft power and the efficacy and returns to American investment across the world.
  7. Human infra for Older people • Health and leisure facilities for senior citizens – respect for older people and security. • An elder guru to the millions of senior citizens in America across the gender, states and income • Senior citizens are growing healthier and older thereby adding to the strength of the country and enable the following generations to do better. Senior citizens are a global phenomenon with senior care doing we • Community is a good setting for receiving and giving care for senior citizens. • Senior citizens support the President as a leader of the free world.
  8. Two quads in West Asia and Indo Pacific – growth of NATO- peace and prosperity • West Asia is a large opportunity with trillion dollar potential. American support and military is an important reason for performance of the region. Biden has cooperated with various stakeholders and promoted a culture of peace. Violence has been minimized and focus is on the economy. • Indo Pacific is very important to regional and world security. The partnership with India, Japan and Australia is at a crucial time in the growth of region which is affected by the growth of China and demand for resources. Positivity, indigenous people and help in the form of technology will lead to greater success of the region.
  9. Developing relationship with India • Biden shares Obama’s intuition for the growth of Indo American relationship. The relationship between the superpower and one of the fastest growing economies of the world is much underestimated and a fulcrum for peace and prosperity. • Social diplomacy such as Diwali celebrations, appointment of Indians to key positions, scaling up of research on India in American Universities and the regular visits of senior officials to India have kept the tempo and allowed a positive climate for free markets to help increase trade and foreign direct investment in a much deserving country.
  10. Quiet implementation and steady progress in a changing society • The administration has seen issues such as economic, security and foreign policy in a globalized world with uncertainty and ambiguity • Steady progress in times of uncertainty and growth in world economy and population • The implementation of policy is quiet and far reaching. There is a connect to the people who benefit from policies and a feel good factor in the economy • Times are uncertain and changing society, a pillar of stability is required and was delivered.
  11. Kamala Harris • Corporate vigilance and the prevention of errors in business. • Gender equality and justice and compensation for women • Idealism and moral power for justice for the underrepresented in the vein of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King • Woman’s sense of justice and strong defence of the law in USA and the world
  12. Lloyd Austin • Integrated Deterrence in several theaterski • Defence Innovation Board • Principled person with ability to maneuver power where required • Code for soldiers and diversity in the military ( Anselm Beach) • US Tradoc doctrine and the training of soldiers. • Anthony Cordesman and military strategy • Dalip Singh and economic sanction and the success of America and Allies in handling a difficult situation.
  13. Anthony Blinken • Fresh and steady approach to world hotspots and problems • Enabling transformation in Middle East through a gentler and understanding approach • The smooth handling of the growth of China and diffusing tensions in hotspots such as South China Sea and Taiwan • Reacted and continued to support Ukraine in a strong way and dealt with Russia.