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Robbie final idea proposal


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Robbie final idea proposal

  1. 1. Final Idea Proposal<br />A teenage girl is being threatened and tormented by an anonymous stalker and she is on a mission to hunt him and prevail. My idea is based on my similar text analysis, and I have made my own ideas and some ideas of group members. <br />Ideas for the actual opening was at two settings, a low key room in a house, the fact she is tormented in her “safe place” and a bus station, out in the open to represent venerability and the fear of the threat being anybody at the station. I had a few shots in mind to establish moods and ideas; a reverse zoom from a death letter to reveal a bunch of letters pinned on the teenage girls wall (interior), and a close up of the teenager looking worried and slightly mad, and then a long shot from an opposite platform and a train zooms past ending a dead silence and the opening sequence on a shocking note (exterior)<br />The protagonist I would like to be shown first in a close up like in “inception” and a hand-held camera to represent a panic or fear, old boy shows panic by the man with the poodle shaking and inception uses a slow shaking camera to show a delirium. The exterior shot is taken to show the setting, you can’t tell if the teenager is in the country or the city or in the desert by the interior, so the train station shows an it is set in the city of London. The Tormenting is taken from the brilliant film “old boy” and the beginning he is asking questions and he in confused, we hope to make the audience ask questions and set an enigma.<br />