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Questionnaire conclusion


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Questionnaire conclusion

  1. 1. Questionnaire Conclusion<br />The majority of people that answered our questionnaire were aged 14-18 and male. <br />Out of the film genres; thriller, action, rom com, chick flick, horror, foreign and other the most favourite film genre was action and the least favourite film genre was foreign. The least favourite film genre being foreign could be because if people aren’t familiar with a certain language or genre, then they are not willing to understand it. Also, another reason could be that reading subtitles takes up a lot of time and whilst trying to do that you could miss what is actually happening in the movie therefore your concentration and interest is lost. <br />When asked if people enjoyed the thriller film genre 79.5% answered yes showing that the vast majority of people surveyed do in fact enjoy the thriller film genre. <br />Sub genres of thriller films are; mystery, crime, psychological, action, science fiction and super natural. The favourite thriller film sub genre was action, possibly for the reason that the majority of people who answered the questionnaire were male and the action genre ideally appeals to males more than it does females because of the codes and conventions that it includes. <br />When asked if people enjoyed cliff-hangers, 56.8% answered yes. Cliff-hangers leave an audience wondering and thinking, waiting in anticipation for what is going to happen next. <br />The vast majority of people questioned answered yes when asked if they enjoyed films set in a realistic environment, 95.5% answered yes. Films being set in a realistic environment help to contribute to the realism of a film; it helps make the audience believe the action that is taking place is actually real. Also, being in a realistic environment audiences feel that they can actually relate to some situations and what is going on. <br />The last question we asked was if people preferred Hollywood starts or local/unknown actors starring in films that they watch. Most people responded that they were not bothered if the actors were famous or not, showing that they cared more about the plot/storyline and how good the movie was altogether then who starred in it. <br />