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Preliminary exercise valerie


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Published in: Education, Business
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Preliminary exercise valerie

  1. 1. Preliminary exercise <br />INT. COLLEGE CORRIDOR- DAYTIME<br />We see an establishing shot (long shot) of an empty corridor; we then see a disfigured figure coming towards one of the corridor doors. The figure is of a young black female with long black hair, she is wearing a white and blue baseball top with a scarf, leggings and black shoes. <br />The young girl blast opens the door violently and speeds down the corridor, we see that this girl is furious and she has something on her mind we see this through her body language and facial expressions. She is holding a white piece of paper which she swings back and forth as she walks.<br />The young girl then walks towards another door a classroom door, and also aggressively blasts it open.<br />INT. COLLEGE CLASSROOM- DAYTIME<br />WE see an establishing shot (long shot) of the classroom. The girl storms through the class room, with the paper still swinging in her hands she then walks towards an older individual, presumably being a teacher.<br />We see that this teacher is male, the teacher is wearing a blue jumper we only see half of him as he seated. He is sitting at a desk which contains a lot of papers he is also in the middle of marking papers.<br />The camera pans while the girl storms through the class room as she is doing this she says:<br />Young girl: “Sir you are not serious about this grade”<br />The young girl irritably sits down on the chair in an over exaggerated way and slams the paper on the desk. <br />The teacher then picks up the paper in a conceited, discontented way.<br />Teacher: (looks at the paper, then young girl in a displeased manner) <br />“I’ve given you an E- (minus) because it’s not good enough, go home and redo it”<br />Young girl: (with an angry facial expression, snatches paper off teacher and slams it on the desk again) <br />“No I refuse I spent hours on this”<br />Teacher: The teacher picks up the paper and shows her the bold E- (minus) highlighted on her paper.<br />“Well I’m sorry you should have put more effort into it”<br />The girl then viciously snatches the paper off the teacher, kisses her teeth to make a threatening sound and then storms off.<br />We then see an over the shoulder shot of the girl walking off and then the scene finishes. <br />FADE TO BLACK:<br />