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Media actresses

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Media actresses

  1. 1. Media actresses<br />I have found these particular actresses for our media thriller opening sequence all for different reasons.<br />-7620033020Our main girl is pictured here to the left and shown below. I have chosen her to play our main character, the aspiring model, as she has the perfect qualities which our group needs to make our thriller opening a success. Her being a drama student means she is not camera shy and is willing to put 100% effort into everything that we ask of her. She has gentle soft features and blonde hair with blue eyes giving her the perfect angelic and charming look. <br />47625167005<br />-19050-19050Here is our first supporting or extra actress. I have selected her because of her bubbly outgoing personality, and because of her cheeky charm which we can bring to our thriller opening sequence. She is charismatic and enthralling, giving 100% into her acting making our overall opening outcome much better. She is a good choice as she’s also a drama student therefore isn’t camera shy or afraid when the spotlights on her. <br />123825286385<br />All of our actresses look good in front of the camera and add their individual unique vibe and feeling.<br />-5715038100And finally, here is our last supporting actress. She’s pretty and dainty; her energetic feel makes our thriller opening lively and excitable.<br />Our supporting actresses don’t feature with our main actress, they are both really good in their own way yet they still do not take the attention away from our main actress, our focus and mind is always on her.<br />3200400102235<br />The actresses we have are of all different races and come from different ethnic backgrounds; this is good as it appeals to a wider range of people and a wider audience. Together, the actresses we have give our thriller opening sequence a young and vibrant feel. <br />

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