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Final idea

  1. 1. Final Idea<br />The tragic story of two young sisters torn apart, older sister no longer has anyone to care for and is left lonely and devastated.<br />A journey of two little orphaned girls coming from one country to another. We see an aeroplane to reinforce them not being from England, cars shown on a motorway to signify travel. Point of view shot from a car window, tracking shot making the audience feel as if they are in the car looking onto the outside – they see what our character is seeing. <br />Mid shot of two sisters playing, older sister hugs younger sister dragging her down at the same time – spine-chilling look on her face whilst the younger sister seems blissfully unaware and carefree.<br />Over-the-shoulder shot of a young woman signing adoption papers, cuts to a mid shot of the older sister in a state of despair at being torn away from her younger sister. Close-up of sisters holding hands... and then they’re torn apart. Mid-shot of older sister seeming livid and infuriated. Medium into long shot of woman walking away with adopted daughter (the younger sister), they walk out of the adoption centre together happily as a new family. <br />Mid-shot of older sister with her hands on the glass window looking gloomy and forlorn, she’s been left behind all alone. Zooms in on her clenching her fingers and dragging them down the glass, continues zooming into hand. <br />We see adoptive mother walking on her own in an underground passageway, unaware she is being followed by the wicked older sister. Underground passageway is empty and deserted – anything could happen here without anyone knowing. The older sister is out to seek revenge; she’ll do anything to get her little sister back to herself for evermore. Cuts to evil sister walking alone then back to the woman walking. Long shot of the malevolent sister walking along the passageway unaccompanied in slow motion, she is troubled and totally alone now. She walks closer and closer towards the camera, her hair blowing in the wind. Jump sequence of evil sister alone in the ghostly and eerie underground passageway, a darker sinister character that needs to be watched – she’s threatening and unpredictable. <br />Mid shot of adoptive mother and daughter walking into their house, unaware that the evil sister keeps appearing and she’s keeping close watch of every step that they make. She appears unexpectedly and mysteriously showing she had dark powers about her, it’s as if she’s invisible and inhumane. Younger sister brushes her teeth in the bathroom mirror, but it’s the evil sister’s reflection that we see in the mirror. The whole frame glows and shakes. <br />Mother kisses daughter goodnight and tucks her into bed, she walks out of the room. Older sister all of a sudden appears in bed next to the younger sister, as the younger sister turns around a bizarrely unusual expression appears on the evil sister’s face. Over-the-shoulder shot from the top of the stairs, the evil sister has pushed the adoptive mother down the stairs to her fatal death. We see her dead and lifeless at the bottom of the stairs, low angle shot as the evil sister walks away – pleased with her work as she’s done what she set out to do. <br />Medium close-up of the pleasant adopted daughter – the good sister – jump up in bed as she’s heard a loud startling noise. She turns around slowly and sees the older sister lying next to her, a menacing and alarming look on her face. <br />Title sequence rolls. Cuts between title sequence and mid shots of the evil sister going insane, speeded up to make scarier. Drags her hair down her face and pulls her hair evilly. Title appears and shakes in a blood red colour on a plain black background, menacing and ominous. <br />