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Final idea

  1. 1. Final idea<br />Establishing shot of a beautiful young teenager, 17 years of age. An aspiring model with blonde hair and blue eyes, soft features and a gentle complexion – an air of beauty, innocence and grace about her. <br />We see images of her being shown globally – on the front of newspapers and magazines, images being sent via blackberry. All of these images are shown on one screen; slowly filling up the screen and coming in from a variation of angles. Her name appears on newspapers and magazine headlines overlapping each other. Cuts from shot to shot of newspaper and magazine titles. Young teenage girls are shown mimicking this aspiring model. Sound of lots of different voices saying her name, individual voices unrecognisable but the name they are saying clear. Screen shown of a website called “”, pictures of the girl shown. Her laughter also heard.<br />Long shot and mid shots of the young teenage girl on her first photo shoot, close-ups on her face to show she’s young and carefree. We can see the photographer taking photographs of her; hear the clicks of the camera, zooming in and out. Dialogue of her laughter with funky upbeat music in the background, creating a fast and lively atmosphere. <br />Cuts to the next shot. Creepy eerie soundtrack suddenly changes the mood and creates a tense atmosphere. The website “” is shown; someone is looking specifically at images of this girl on the website. We hear a chair being rolled back as someone gets up and walks away from the computer. Zooms out from the mysterious figure close to the computer to him being further away. Dark lighting creates shadows around the character and its unrecognisable as it is from behind, the mysterious character is unidentifiable as he’s walking towards a wall. Distorted mysterious sound, making the audience sit on the edge of their seats (this sound then continues until the end of the opening sequence). Long shot of the wall behind the computer screen, a huge collage of images of the young girl with writing and particular things circled. Zooms in on certain things, the sinister things in particular. Blood red writing in the centre of the wall saying something morbid and creepy. Titles, names of actors and producers etc (title sequence), are shown in the bottom right hand corner in white childlike font with shadows and the writing appearing to be shaking. <br />