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Ties poster wi11

  1. 1. Overview<br />The Simulcast Computer accepts video output from a presenter’s laptop and then displays the output on a touch screen.<br />The presenter is allowed to make pen annotations onto the screen, which are then sent to the projector.<br />The slides from the presenter, the annotations and the audio are recorded as a video and can be uploaded to our web system.<br />Students can access the recorded lectures on our web system and add their own notes to that lecture.<br />(ENG 100L – WI 11)<br />Simulcastlectures.com<br />User Interface Team: James McCloskey, Kevin Crossan, Daniel Park, Ben Ng, Lance Castillo<br />Note Parsing Team: Henry Phuong, Caleb Sotelo, Erick Zamora, Jerad Acosta, Taylor Scott<br />UV Team: AlricAlthoff, Jawon Lee, Bob Bolton<br />Moodle and iClicker Team: Aaron Hunter, Bryan Cuevas, Kwong Ho; Aaron Dubie; Jeff Wurzbach<br />TA: Max Twogood<br />Advisor: Ryan Kastner<br />User Interface<br />iClicker Integration<br />UV Pen <br />The iClicker daemon implements the Simulcast Lectures class<br />When the daemon is paused, a worker thread loops through the collected data.<br />Data is POSTed to a collector in the Moodle module.<br />Each lecture and module instance has a unique key.<br />