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Customer engagement in the palm of your hands, going mobile


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This is a presentation I gave at Social Digital 2013 in San Diego:

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Customer engagement in the palm of your hands, going mobile

  1. 1. Customer Engagement in the Palm ofYour Hands, Going MobileJosh Martin | Manager of Social Media | @Jmart730June 3, 2013
  2. 2. • Josh Martin | Social Media Manager |– Responsible for activating the brand across social media platforms Facebook | Twitter| Foursquare | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Google+– Applying a ‘No Dead Ends’ approach across all digital/social platforms toshift visitors to brand advocatesBackground2
  3. 3. How do we reach the“On the Go” consumer?
  4. 4. • Easy to Use | Convenient• Extend & Connect our Digital/Social Objectives– Build Engagement & Awareness• Drive Incremental Store Traffic• Connect with In-Store Customers• Increase Customer LoyaltyOur Mobile Focus4
  5. 5. Arby’s Mobile RoadmapWebsite Messaging Apps Ads Promotions5
  6. 6. Mobile Website
  7. 7. Mobile Web51% of smartphone users say theywould be far more likely to purchasefrom a retailer or restaurant with amobile specific website.Source:
  8. 8. Find. Food. Deals.8• Mobile optimizedexperience forthose ‘on the go’:– Find your closestrestaurant GPS enabled– View our menu– Sign-up for dealsHome Page Menu Page Locations
  9. 9. Optimized Mobile Experiences• Optimize for a mobile experience– All digital / social media coupons aremobile enabled– “To redeem this coupon turn yourphone around and show it to thecashier”• 10% of coupon page views occuron a mobile device9
  10. 10. Mobile Messaging
  11. 11. Mobile MessagingFood/Restaurants is themost popular check-incategory on foursquare.Source:
  12. 12. Mobile Check-In MessagingHOW DOES IT WORK?1. Customers check-in to Arby’s on foursquare2. We send auto-tweets to customers who have checked-in3. Tweets include links to drive customers to take action – i.e., sign-up for Arby’s extras12
  13. 13. Mobile Check-In Messaging13
  14. 14. Mobile Check-In Messaging14
  15. 15. Mobile Check-In Messaging Results• Sent over 28,000 tweets• CTR of 16% - drivingcustomers to sign-up forArby’s Extras (email)15
  16. 16. Social / Mobile Apps
  17. 17. Social MediaOver two-thirds of QSR usersengage with social mediaweekly, and a quarter of themare a fan, friend or follower offast food chain.Source:
  18. 18. 18Social Networking is all about MobileSource: Nielsen | Social Media Report 2012
  19. 19. Foursquare• Added in-store window clingsat all of our restaurants toencourage check-ins• Created a page on Foursquare –over 65,000 followers• Added unique tips at differentvenue to encourageengagement19
  20. 20. Instagram• 54% of the worlds top brands arealready using Instagram• 5 million+ photos uploaded everyday• Over 50,000+ Arby’s related photosuploaded• Data has shown that photos attracttwice the number of Likes onFacebook that text-based statusupdates do20
  21. 21. • Mobile app where you can earn points for checking in to storesand scanning product barcodes.• Points can earn you prizes like Amazon and iTunes gift cards.• Branded Onion Ring Toss game to earn additional points.CheckPoints21
  22. 22. Mobile Ads
  23. 23. Mobile Ads60% of mobile users aged 25 &younger are comfortable withmobile ads while another 43% ofthe “mobile boomers” agedbetween 45 and 64 are just ascomfortable with them.Source:
  24. 24. 24Mobile Ads with Built-in Locations
  25. 25. 25Mobile Ads with Video Player
  26. 26. Why Mobile Ads?• Highly cost-effective and efficient– CPC or CPM Based– ~6 times higher CTR than standard display• Improved Targeting– Mobile Site vs. App | Device | Location-Based• Expanding Ad Formats26
  27. 27. Promotions
  28. 28. Arby’s Snap and Rock• Mobile is the center of the programViews TVCommercialfeaturing Arby’s Snap& RockVisits Arby’sand purchases anyCombo“Snaps”Pictureof fountain cup andSnap & Rock logoTexts orEmailstheir photos toarbys@pongr.com28
  29. 29. How Does it Work?1. Text or email in pictures of themusical artists that are featured onthe Arby’s cup to Customers who enter via SMS arethen sent a link to enter to win thesweepstakes.3. Once customers submit theirphoto, they can share it on Facebookand/or Twitter for an extra entry intothe sweeps.4. All entries receive smaller prizesincluding free Arby’s food or musicdownloads5. Final success page prompts users toenter Arby’s Email and Mobileprogram to receive email and SMSoffers29
  30. 30. Mobile Optimized Experiences• Desktop Microsite • Mobile Optimized Version30
  31. 31. 400,513504,676380,000400,000420,000440,000460,000480,000500,000520,000JAN12FEB12MAR12APR12MAY12JUN12JUL12AUG12SEP12OCT12NOV12DEC1231Arby’s Textras SMS Growth26% Growth in 2012!
  32. 32. SummaryWins• Mobile advertising works• Optimizing for a mobileexperience is critical• Leverage In-Store touchpoints• Test your way to success• Social Media apps– Instagram– FoursquareChallenges• QR codes• Compatibility across multipledevices– Alienating feature phones• Educating customers32
  33. 33. What’s Next?BrandedMobileApp(s)MobileOrderingMobilePayments /GiftingTabletAdvertising33
  34. 34. Questions?