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  1. 1. The story take place in London – England, the biggest city in the world in the Contemporary Age. For that reason resulted its vial development, because increased the traffic’s number in the city, so took place the creation of the first railroad network. Also, there was a big financial boom because London was the global finance center like the most important European free exchange area with an advanced banking system and a big merchant fleet. Thanks to them were constructed major department stores port with bridges, canals and the underground subway built.
  2. 2. The book’s story is developed in the XIX century when the means of transport were the train, the subway and the most important was the carriage. In this time the women wore elegant and long dresses, their hair were always very well combed and picked up. And the men wore hats and long coats and always looked elegant. The most important mean of communication was the letter. And usually in this time the people used gas lamps in front of their houses.
  3. 3. It’s the place which Verloc disguises his profession saying that he sells bottles of ink and yellow envelopes. Is the place where the people’s Embassy looking for he; and is where Winnie kills him. It was a small dark building in Soho-London. In the shop’s window there were photographs of dancing girls with very few clothes. There were mysterious packets, old books, newspapers and two gas lights in the window that never burned strongly at night. Usually the door was closed during the day and in the evening it was left half open. There was an old bell in the door of the room behind of the shop and when somebody arrived to the shop it rang.
  4. 4. It had a garden and many porters in its doors for the security of the weorkers. Is the place Verloc working for like secret agent, so He had to visit often that place. And also is there where Mr Vladimir told him that he should to put a bomb in the Greenwich Observatory.
  5. 5. It’s a place where the scientists can study the satars. It’s an important place in the story because is there where Verloc have to put the bomb, but unfortunately when Stevie was to put it, he tripped over a tree root and he fell on the pump and that explodes killing Stevie.
  6. 6. Here Ossipon left to Winnie alone because he felt fear of her. He thinks that she is a perfect murdered and he prefers to stay away from her.
  7. 7. When Winnie realized that Ossipon left her alone, she thinks that is not reason for live, besides this she lost to his younger brother and killed to her husband; so is in this place in where she kills herself and just leave her wedding ring lying on the seat’s boat.