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Yocalm corporate


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What Yocalm can do for you, Yocalm your company!

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Yocalm corporate

  1. 1. CorporateFitness | Relaxation | Lifestyle Coaching
  2. 2. Yocalm CorporateHas evolved and formed from variousdifferent fitness and wellbeing programs.We combine Clinical Health assessmentswith results based weight loss and fitnessroutines, designed by expert and awardwinning coaches. Meditative relaxationsessions that derive from the expertguidance and teachings of the Sun PowerYoga training school, we cover everyaspect the body requires to achieve healthfor employees and results for yourbusiness.
  3. 3. Our Program Our program is a preferred provider of primary and specialty physical training and health needs within the corporate world. Our evidence/scientific-based, cost-effective care compliments the convenience, the needs, and the professionalism of the corporate office atmosphere. We serve our clients by the continual enhancement of the education and skills of our staff and the effectiveness of our system. Our system is at the forefront of the fitness industry providing the latest and most cutting edge program design that the modern client/business requires and expects
  4. 4. Our values and what we believe in Uncompromising commitment to excellence in all we do Ethical and integrity based business practices Employer/employee work-life balance Listening to our customers for opportunities to add value to our services Innovation and creativity to service, training & workouts Responsive communication Evidence/scientific based treatment & Results based action Using the best, most qualified coaches available then take them to the next level
  5. 5. What Do People say about us!? “I have attended the YOCALM classes at ouroffice with Jamie for about 6 months now and ithas been excellent. I always look forward to the sessions and find them challenging but also very rewarding. The workouts last for 20-30 minutes and I always leave feeling energizedand this also helps me sleep very well and relax after a day in the office. I have gone down nearly two dress sizes since joining these sessions using Jamie’s nutrition advice and attending the exercise sessions each week. I attend them 2-3 times a week and as we hold these on site at our office so it makes it easy to fit into a busy working day and lifestyle”.
  6. 6. More Happy Employees!! “The intervals are intense and great for strength and core training! Having the music to countdown the intervals keeps you focused! Works really well in a group as we all keep each other motivated but this could work well if you trained on your own too. Looking forward to the next 4 week block when the exercises change… Try it out – you wont be disappointed!” Lauren Fletcher “Ive never been to a gym before but the work outs with Yocalm that I do fit into my hectic lifestyle. Just 16 minutes of working out 3times a week has really made a difference to my fitness.It’s intense when you’re doing it but sooo worth it as you feel so good afterwards.” Tamlyn Marsh
  7. 7. Overweight Employees cost your business £11,000 per yearAn organisations biggest asset is its staff and its success orfailure is dependent upon them. Consequently its biggestliability is also its staff, especially if they are OVERWEIGHTand UNHEALTHY leading to more sickness, and lostproductivity when at work.
  8. 8. Counting the cost…. Counting the cost of employee ill-  Business costs of employees being health overweight Your staff, on average, cost you £1800  Obese employees take an additional Each YEAR - (£760 in salary wastage four days off per year (Harvey et al., CBI/Pfizer Absence and Workplace 2010) which equates to an additional Health Survey) as a result of 6.5 days £1007 per year, that’s over £2900!! absence.  Obesity impairs employee work productivity by 11-15% (Rodbard et al., 2009), which, in wasted salary alone equates to £4500 per year (average direct costs of £30,000) – true costs could be as much as £11,610 to your business when productivity rates are factored in.
  9. 9. A Brief Overview of Body Mechanics The good news is that our bodies have dynamic and powerful self healing mechanisms that are fueled by vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. That means that when we eat nutritious food we give our body the tools it needs to repair and heal itself. Systems that depend on this nutritious food for fuel include our brain chemistry, inflammation levels, blood cell quality, digestion and elimination, blood flow, concentration, and sleep. Our bone and muscle system requires regular use, especially since our lymphatic flow completely depends on regular muscle contraction to function. The lymph system is part of our immune system, helping defend against disease and sickness. The bottom line is that without proper exercise and nutrition, our bodies slowly break down into a state of disease.
  10. 10. Why On-Site Fitness Makes Sense In order to manage the 10,000 steps per day recommended by walking advocates, workers who remain sedentary during their work day would have to spend most of their evenings in motion. 1/3 of the average employee day is spent working, 1/3 sleeping and the other 1/3 trying to catch up and do all the normal everyday things, some fun things, have a social life and some down time. A reason often given for lack of exercise is "no time". With our Corporate Wellbeing Program in place at your workplace, there is time because they dont have to travel anywhere extra. If the business has showers available, we find that using the first 20-30 minutes for exercise and the last half hour for them to clean up, change and eat their lunch works best. For a business without showers available, immediately after work is usually the norm. However we design a workout and relaxation timetable specific to you!
  11. 11. How Yocalm Corporate Helps You Help Your Employees We work with you to set a wellness plan of action in place We work with you to find the appropriate space for workouts We work with you to announce the program to employees We work with you to build in employee accountability We work with your to design the right workout timetable for you We provide you with all the tools you need to make all the difference
  12. 12. How You Help Yocalm Corporate Help Your Employees Endorse an initial 12 week pilot program Allow a space for exercise, a time for exercise and changing (this could be allowing employees to come in to work a half hour earlier and taking one hour for lunch if you usually offer a half hour lunch.) Really read your before and after health measurements and compare the same time period from the previous year for absenteeism, etc. Give us your feedback at the half-way point Contact us at any time with any questions or concerns you have Let us know how often you want updates and we’ll have them for you
  13. 13. What sets us apart? Complete clinical testing On site workout programs and timetable designed around you Cutting edge metabolic conditioning music interval class Cutting edge meditative relaxation class Cutting edge EDT Total body workout class The UK first audio interval training available online as well as part of your timetable, Ipod mp3/4 compatible, you can train anywhere! Nutritional coaching, grocery list, meal plans, how to combine foods and bi-monthly feedback and goal setting Online supplements and vitamins store with 24hr delivery
  14. 14.  Lifestyle analysis and questionnaire  Height & Weight YOCALM  Blood Pressure  BMICLINICAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT  V02 Max Test  Resting Heart Rate  Cholesterol Levels  Glucose Levels  Hip to Waist ratio
  15. 15. Metabolic Resistance Workout The UK first, metabolic acceleration resistance training workout that is POWERED, MOTIVATED and TIMED by Bespoke interval music Based on scientific research Body weight movements The industries latest M-A-M-P warm up Burns calories for 24-72 hrs. post workout Consists of a warm up, main workout and finisher! Powered by weight loss music workouts Available as a download for all employees to use away from the office
  16. 16. Meditative RelaxationMeditative Relaxation has been proved by science and doctors to calm the brainwaves and the heart rate and also allows the endocrine system to level out and balance. And when lying flat on the floor the adrenal glands are alsoencouraged to level out, to calm and relax. This supports the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn helps thebody to deal with and control stress levels.Simple autosuggestion where we take the mind into a place in the body, allows themuscles and the cells of the body to relax.
  17. 17. "The key to meditative relaxation is the breath and once weunderstand that the mind and body are interlinked one canthen control the breath to relax the mind which relaxes thebody, people come out of this 20 minute session feelingrelaxed, energised and with a sense of total calm and focus!" -Anne Marie, Yoga Guru & founder of Sun Power Yoga UK.Anne Marie is our presenter for our relaxation sessions!!
  18. 18.  A cutting edge fitness industryTotal body EDT workout Workout  Combining body weight and weight movements ( if your site has weights)  6 minutes intervals of no rest, 2 separate movements x 4 sets  Scientifically proven workout  Working every body part  Calorie burn for 24-72 hrs.
  19. 19.  10 success principlesNutritional Coaching  What to throw away  What to buy  How to combine foods  Progressive Meal plans  Super shake guide  Bi-monthly feedback from your Coach who will assess, give results, feedback and set targets  Online Facility
  20. 20.  Simple measures to prevent and manage ill-health decreases employee absence Business Benefits  Businesses are more in control of their employee healthImproving the health and well-being ofemployees brings numerous benefits  Healthy working environments reduces sickness and stress and reduced absenteeismAll employers have a legal duty of care totheir employees. In addition, taking health  Employees who feel cared for are oftenand well-being seriously can bring a range of more motivated and productivebusiness benefits.  Getting employees back to work after illness helps reduce the risk of losing experienced employees and avoids paying to recruit new staff  Being known as an organisation that cares for and supports people helps attract skilled, new staff
  21. 21. Employee Benefits of Loosing 5% of weight and improving health Psychological: Physiological: Increased self-esteem  Blood pressure reduction (10mmHg decrease) Better energy levels  20% reduction in mortality Increased self-motivation  30-40% decrease in diabetes/cancer related(Ref: Clinical Obesity in Adults & Children, 3rd Edition. deathsEdited by Peter G Kopelman, Ian D Caterson and William HDietz. 2010 Blackwell Publishing)
  22. 22. The next steps to success CEO Support It all starts with you. Human nature is to follow by example. Any program your company introduces is only as effective as the endorsement, value, and goals that top level management places in it Providing an Opportunity for Health Screening Not everyone knows where their health currently stands. Studies show that 5 in every 100 employees have undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes. Finding the baselines is essential to setting the goals and measuring the results. We will provide this resource and coordinate with department heads so your workplace disruption is minimal. Action Oriented Fitness and Nutrition Implementation Without action nothing happens. You need to have an actual exercise and proper nutrition program in place for real change to begin. You market your product to the core, and push your sales force out the door. You demand action in your business because it is the only way to move from point A to point B. Clear Goals and a Plan of Action These are important in any business venture, and especially when employees or any type of change are involved. We have a checklist we go over with you to make sure all the bases are covered.
  23. 23. 50-100 EmployeesAll the benefits and service describedPrices £19.99 - £29.99 Per employeeIncludes initial Clinical assessment then£10 per re – assessment, every 3-6months is recommended to monitorimprovements.
  24. 24. 101–150 EmployeesAll the benefits and service describedPrices £15.99 - £18.99 Per employeeIncludes initial Clinical assessment then£10 per re – assessment, every 3-6months is recommended to monitorimprovements.
  25. 25. 151 + EmployeesAll the benefits and service describedPrices £14.99 Per employeeIncludes initial Clinical assessment then£10 per re – assessment, every 3-6months is recommended to monitorimprovements. Remember all fees are tax deductible under ‘the purchase of occupational health support’
  26. 26. How to get started? Fill out the purchase order with your companies bespoke quote Send the Par-Q to all employees Go thought the implementation check list! You will receive your class timetable and booking sheet for the health assessments Lets go!! YOCALM YOUR COMPANY