MobiFuel App for Android


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Bajaj Allianz presents MobiFuel, a free android mobile application to provide you on-the-go support to manage your vehicle mileage and service records. This application can also be used to store your insurance records and to provide you timely re-fuel, service and insurance renewal reminders at your ease.

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MobiFuel App for Android

  1. 1. MobiFuel App forAndroidManage your vehicle on mobile!Powered by
  2. 2. The MobiFuel dashboard contains aset of 9 icons. Each of these iconsis a link to the following sections:• Refuel• Expense• Insurance• Vehicle• Reports• Sync Data• Settings• HelpWhat’s on the MobiFuel Dashboard?
  3. 3. • Add your vehicle details.• View your vehicle details.• Edit your vehicle details.• Delete your vehicle details.Vehicle
  4. 4. Refuel• Keep a record of fuel entries.• Add new fuel entries.• Modify previous fuel entries.• Delete previous fuel entries.In this way you can keep anaccurate record of the amount offuel your car consumes.
  5. 5. Expense• Maintain expenses and servicedetails for your vehicle.• Add, edit or delete details ofexpenses incurred on the vehicle.• Add, edit and delete entries toschedule servicing or upgrade of thevehicle.• Set reminders to alert you whenit’s time to take the vehicle forservicing.
  6. 6. Insurance• Add details of all your insurancepolicies – life, motor, health andtravel.• Edit and delete your insurancedetails.• Keep records of premium paid.• Set reminders for renewal of yourinsurance policies.
  7. 7. • Create alerts to remind you torefuel your vehicle, renew yourinsurance, or take your vehicle forrepairs/servicing.• Edit and delete previous alerts.• Get plenty of time to rearrangeyour schedule to accommodatethese tasks and never have to worryabout missing a service or renewaldate again!Alerts
  8. 8. • Reports: View the records andgraphs for expenses and refuellingto accurately gauge how much youhave spent on your vehicle permonth.• Sync Data: Take a backup of yourdata, restore previous data or exportyour data to the server forsafekeeping and to make accessibleacross multiple devices.• Settings: Change the app colour.Reports, Sync Data, Settings
  9. 9. Thank YouTo learn more about MobiFuel and download the MobiFuel app for yourandroid phone, please go to: your vehicle on mobile!Powered by
  10. 10. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you by