2-Minute Learning | Power Stretches


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Stay fit staying at your desk with these Power Stretches. This 2-Minute Learning slideshow is brought to you by Bajaj Allianz.

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2-Minute Learning | Power Stretches

  1. 1. Learning on the Go! Power Powered by Stretches A stretch a day, keeps the doctor away
  2. 2. Exercise 1- Vertical Stretch Lift your right hand over your head and stretch it. At the same time stretch your left hand towards the ground. Do this for 8 – 10 seconds and repeat with the other hand.The red areas shows the places where you would feel the stretch.
  3. 3. Exercise 2- Arm and Shoulder Stretch Interlace your fingers and straighten out your arms in front of you. Push forward with the right hand and pull back with your left hand. Feel the stretch in your arms and then release. Do this for 20 – 30 seconds. Repeat with the other hand. Do at least 2 times.
  4. 4. Exercise 3- Spinal Stretch Put your hands on your hip. Lean out towards the chair and push forward from the hip stretching your back. At the same time arch your shoulders behind and feel the stretch. Do this for 10 – 15 seconds and at least 2 times.
  5. 5. Exercise 4- Back Stretch Sit with your left leg bent over your right leg. Rest your right hand on your left thigh for support. As you do this look over your left shoulder for the stretch feeling. Do both sides and hold for at least 15 seconds.
  6. 6. Stand Up!
  7. 7. Exercise 5- Deltoid Stretch Interlace your fingers. Then, turn your palms while extending your arms upwards above your head. Feel the stretch on the sides of your arm and release slowly. Do at least 3 times for 10-15 seconds.
  8. 8. Exercise 6- Back Stretch Hold right elbow with left hand and then gently pull elbow behind head until a stretch is felt at the back of the upper arm. Hold stretch for at least 30 seconds. Do both sides.
  9. 9. Exercise 7- Shoulder Shrug Raise the top of your shoulders towards your ear until you feel a slight tension in your neck and shoulders. Hold this feeling of tension for 3-5 seconds then relax your shoulders downward into their normal position. Do this 2 – 3 times.
  10. 10. Exercise 8- Side Neck Stretch This stretch is done with your hands clasped behind your back. Tilt your neck towards the right till you feel a slight tension in the muscles of your neck and your shoulder. Do this 2 – 3 times and repeat for the other side also.
  11. 11. One More!
  12. 12. Exercise 9- Praying Stretch Press both your palms together with a slight force and then push downwards slowly keeping your hands together. You will feel a slight tension in your forearms and wrists. Do this for 10 seconds for 3 times.
  13. 13. Remember... Stretch slowly without any sudden movements Your breathing should be slow, deep and rhythmic throughout the stretch If you feel any discomfort or pain you have to ease your stretch a little
  14. 14. Learning on the Go! Powered by Thank You A stretch a day, keeps the doctor away
  15. 15. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you by facebook.com/jiyobefikar twitter.com/bajajallianz www.bajajallianz.com youtube.com/user/jiyobefikar