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Citizen Key Panel


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Extended functions of the Citizen Key Panel

Published in: Technology
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Citizen Key Panel

  1. 1. Extended functions of the Citizen Key Panel
  2. 2. Customize Friend Keys  Network (Diapo 3) Manage Daughters Keys (Diapo 4) Navigation Manage Key Boxes (Diapo 5) Citizen Key Panel: Main view Actions Delete Key Customize  Key data (Diapo 6) See current key in web url
  3. 3. Citizen Key Panel: Friend Keys Network view On public CK of url friend:  Click “Ad friend” We can search for new friend by  searching among those who have a CK In normal situations we first ad friend  on url of public CK. At that moment, after creating the  permissions, the Friend Key is created. We see the new Friend key in the Panel  and from there we can customize it
  4. 4. Citizen Key Panel: Daughters Keys view Navigation Actions Each daughter key is created with the main Citizen key. Data access permissions are created and customized with each provider. When the permits have been decided, the D. key is generated. The provider can only access the data with the DK that contains the permissions We can search for new suppliers by searching among those who are using CK In normal situations we first access the provider with our Citizen Key that asks us for permits to follow. At that moment, after creating the permissions, the daughter key is created. We see the new daughter key in the Panel and from there we can customize it
  5. 5. Citizen Key Panel: CK Boxes view To work with Citizen Key it is not necessary to use the Panel. We can use the CK session that we are using in the browser or open a new one for an application from a Citizen Key Box The Box It is an encrypted file on any memory device. Contains the public certificate of CK plus the daughters or friend keys we want. Citizen Key uses double security check: 1) Access the Box using the private key of Citizen Key 2) Before opening it Citizen Key checks in our panel that there are no changes in the hash of the Box. Boxes that have changed their hash, copied to another device, altered, are useless, not recognized by CK. They can not be repaired. It is necessary to generate a new one from the CK Panel Hash con SHA512SUMS: 2255343212d3c94a9504048050afcccf1ae32c0652b941353784e71ff20d02ad27f365d0b5c379959f0d02a9a4fa242753dd9e761141633fdd2585d3c49befe9 usb­DATA
  6. 6. Customize Key data ­ 1 Customize/view URL key Customize Hidden/public data Navigation Actions Load default policy Delete Data Go to the data validation source (Diapo 9) On click  Go to CR  Provider (Diapo 8)
  7. 7. Customize Key data ­ 2 (Example with home address) Load default policy Hidden/public data Go to the data  validation source Home adress: Hidden/public status on all site locations Hidden/public data Current status
  8. 8. Certificate: Current  Citizen Key Go to the data validation source (Diapo 6) All data contained in CK with its validation source All copies of the current CK (Boxes) are encrypted and protected by a hash (Diapo 11) Any certificate provider can issue Citizen Keys if it uses its applications
  9. 9. The records of each person are linked by the CK certificate. If the CK is deleted, the records lose their links. Validation sources issue valid documents with verified data Go to  customize data On CK  URL
  10. 10. Citizen Key Registration creates CK  certificates without validated data ● We accept documents, testimonials,  biometric data ● Works on all sites that accept data without  validation If we include validated data in Citizen Key that  matches the previous data, the personal  information of CK is not lost even if it is  changed to a new certificate provider. Every human being has the right to his identity even if he does not have documents
  11. 11. Creating a social network is very easy with Citizen Key Leaving a social network is very easy with Citizen Key We stay social network or we go for the quality of service To create the Daughter Key of the service, it is necessary to create the permissions: ● Personal data ● Friends ● Documents ● Media (video, audio, pictures ● Permision of social creations: - Privative permisions: acces, property…. - Creative Commons License Citizen Key asks each friend if they wish to enter the social network. The answer is individual. The Citizec Key Panel for the social network allows us to review the permissions. After each revision the Daughter Key is generated again If we delete the daughter key of the social network, the social network service loses access to our data and friends. Every friend in the social network is informed of our exit from the network in case he wants to consider his stay.
  12. 12. Public CK DB Public DK DB Private Hash & DBs ● Boxes ● User DB ● Documents ● Media ● Private services DBs Private service DB ● Social network ● Work ● University Web Hosting: ● Web service ● Encripted archives ● User DB Certification & Validation Service The CK Panel is the user's software. A user or an entity CK Infrastructure User  Data