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history of cadbury


  1. 1. The sweetest story ever told… or heardCriollo F orastero By:- Nirav Katrodiya ns ea eb lat oco
  2. 2. History of Cadbury John Cadbury was born in B’ham to Richard Cadbury who was from a wealthy Quaker family in U.K. in 1797. Establish cause was alcohol. Tea dealer in 1818 in leeds. Returning to B’ham in 1824 & opened a shop at Bull  Larger factory with his Street. brother Benjamin and started selling 16 type of 1831-rented factory for drinking chocolates - drinking chocolate & largest till 1960s. cocoa.
  3. 3. History of Cadbury Both brothers became partner in 1848 for 7 years. Founded factory in bournville in 1861- largest chocolate production in U.K.. Opened an office in London & received a Royal Warrant as a manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa to Queen Victoria in 1854. 1897- Manufactured 1st milk chocolate. In 1899 factory employed 2,600 people and became corporate. 1950- Cadbury opened its first overseas factory near Hobart, Tasmania.
  4. 4. History of Cadbury 1969 - Cadbury merged with Schweppes to form Cadbury Schweppes. Schweppes was a well-known British brand that manufactured carbonated mineral water and soft drinks. Today Cadbury Schweppes is the largest confectionery company in the world, employing more than 70,000 employees.
  5. 5. Cadbury India In India, Cadbury began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates. It today has 5 company-owned manufacturing facilities at Thane, Induri (Pune), Malanpur (Gwalior), Bangalore & Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) & 5 sales offices in 5 metros. The corporate office is in Mumbai. It works as teams to convert products into brands. Cadbury enjoys a value market share of over 70% - the highest Cadbury brand share in the world! The brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is considered the "gold standard" for chocolates in India. The pure taste of CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indian consumer
  6. 6. Value of Cadbury s Our core purpose is creating brands people love Performance We are passionate about winning. We compete in a tough but fair. We are prepared to take risks and act with speed. Quality We put quality and safety at the heart of all of our activities. Respect We genuinely care for our business and our colleagues. We listen, understand and respond. We are open, friendly and welcoming. Integrity We have clear principles and do what we say we will do Responsibility We take accountability for our social, economic and environmental impact. In this way we aim to make our business, our partners and our communities better for the future.
  7. 7. B rand Positioning Cadbury is available at almost all part of India with price band of Rs.0.50 to around Rs.1000. Worldwide Cadbury make and sell 5 kinds of confectionery: choco., gum, candy, beverages & snacks etc. Cadbury operates in over 60 countries. Cadbury work with around 35,000 direct and indirect suppliers. Cadbury employs around 70,000 people. Every day millions of people around the world enjoy our brands. No.1 position in 20 of the 50 largest confectionery markets across the globe.
  8. 8. Effe of chocolateon ct Teeth body Tannins, may play a role in inhibiting plaque formation by coating it. Brain Research has said that choc. can lead to good mental performance. Throat Imperial College, London in 2004 claimed that theobromine contained in chocolate are 3rd more effective at stopping coughs. Heart University of California in 2000 has shown that a bar of milk chocolate (45g) contains the same quantity of antioxidants as a 150ml glass of red wine. Dark chocolates with higher levels of cocoa contain even more. Circulation University of Cologne revealed that dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure- for consumers of dark chocolate only. Bones Milk and milk products.
  9. 9. B rand Portfolio• Chocolates • Beverages • Snacks• Candy • Gum
  10. 10.  The story of Cadbury Dairy Milk started in 1905 at Bournville, U.K., but in India it began in 1948. Today, Cadbury Dairy Milk alone holds 30% value share of the Indian chocolate market. Cadbury Dairy Milk emerged as the No. 1 most trusted brand in Mumbai for the 2005 edition of Brand Equitys Most Trusted Brands survey. During the 1st World War, Cadbury Dairy Milk supported the war effort. Over 2,000 male employees joined the armed forces and Cadbury also sent C.D.M.s for soldiers.
  11. 11.  2nd largest after CDM with a market share of 18%. Launched in 1969 as a bar of chocolate with one of the key properties that Cadbury 5 Star was associated with was its classic Gold colour. And through the passage of time, this was one property that both, the brand and the consumer stuck to as a valuable association.• 1996- Perk targeted the snacking space.• Preity Zinta, Raageshwari, Gayatri Joshi and Amrita Rao, were all Perk models before they made it big on cinema screens.
  12. 12.  Replacement for Mithai and dry- fruits. It is success as a giftingbrand. The communication is based on the emotional route and the tagline says "rishte pakne do" which fits with the brand purpose ofstrengthening your relationships with something sweet.The "Rishte Pakne do" jingle was penned by writer Gulzar.
  13. 13. Cadbury Temptations is a range of delicious premium chocolate in five flavours.• Cadbury temptations is a range of premium chocolate in 5 flavors.• It connected to a niche segment of “ chocoholics”• Cadbury Temptations is a range targeted at this segment of chocolate lovers.
  14. 14.  Eclairs was first discovered by a local firm in London, in the 1960s., which became part of Cadbury in 1971 and makes it 2nd largest brand in the company. Dairy milk Eclairs – Only in India.• GEMS was introduced in India in 1968. The colorful world of Cadbury Gems does not include the black color in India.
  15. 15. • Bubbaloo was first launched in Latin America in 1984.• Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries. The record for the largest bubblegum bubble ever blown is 58.4cm. And it blown by Bubbaloo in New York City, in 1994.• Halls stands for 50% of international cough drop sales.• Halls is marketed in 24 different countries around the world & is offered in over 26 flavors. » In 2002, people consumed 100,000 tons of Halls. » 1st Halls was sold in 1931.
  16. 16. • It was launched as the 1st Cadbury product in India in 1948.• It gives Cadbury 17% of its revenue. Cadbury Bournvita reaches across many cities, towns and villages through 3,50,000 outlets in India.• In the 1980 Moscow Olympics,• The Bournvita Quiz Contest – started in April 12th 1972 - 500 episodes -reaches more than 11,25,000 students, - 4000 schools - 66 cities and 7 countries - UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Nepal and India.
  17. 17. Emotional touch Loyalty of Customers, Cadbury CBBE Pyramid High repeat purchase Rate . Emotions are attached. Part of happiness. Resonance Resonance Innovative tastes. TransformerOne of the World’s best chocolates Childhood.& always come up with new tastes. Social Approval for celebrations. Love , friendship. Judgments Judgments Feelings Feelings Classic image. Unique Product Uniqueness in taste of all Performance Imagery Image of good quality and trust Through ambassadors ,the product they provides. “Its for us.” type of image. Salience High Awareness Almost all people know about it.
  18. 18. Achievements• SILVER award for the Most Effective Use of Advertising‘ by regions most prestigious Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards-2008.• Cadbury India has been ranked as the 7th Great Place to Work and the No. 1 FMCG company in India in 2008, by the Great Place to Work Institute.• Cadbury Dairy Milk & Bournvita have been declared a `Consumer Super brand for 2006-7 by Super brands India.• Cadbury India has been ranked 5th in the FMCG sector, in a survey on Indias most respected companies by sector conducted by Business World magazine in 2007.
  19. 19.  P.O.P’s  P.O.D’s  Quality  Unique taste  Availability  Communication  Packaging  Product range  Real cocoa  Emotion  Customer loyalty  Heritage  Pric  Distribution channel  Price range
  20. 20. I nte sting facts of re Cadbury• Cadbury was the first company to include pictures instead of printed text on chocolate boxes.• In 1886 Cadbury became one of the first firms to have dining rooms with kitchens and food for sale.• So many children joined Cadbury’s Coco cub Club that it had 300,000 members in 1936.• Cadbury uses more than 60, 000 tones of cocoa each year.• Cadbury have 202 products under its belt.
  21. 21. I nte sting facts of re• Cadbury Confectionery revenue in 2006 - 4.85 billion pounds• Underlying operating profit in 2006 - 648 million pounds• Number of plants – 70 and expense for social responsibility was 41.2 ml$ in 2006.• George Cadbury didn’t want to take mothers away from their children, so he developed a company rule that women had to leave work when they got married. Each married woman was given a bible and a carnation as wedding gifts.
  22. 22. Market share in global confectionery, in percentage terms (202-brands)Companies All Chocolate Gum Candy Confectionery Cadbury 9.9 7.5 25.7 7.2 Mars 9.0 14.8 - 3.0 Nestle 7.8 12.6 0.1 3.2 Wrigley 5.8 - 35.9 2.7 Hershey 5.5 8.2 1.1 2.7 Ferrero 4.8 7.3 - 1.5
  23. 23. THANKYOU