Indian Writing In English Moorthy ; A Spokesman of Ganndhian Virtue in Kanthapura.


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Indian Writing In English Moorthy ; A Spokesman of Ganndhian Virtue in Kanthapura.

  1. 1. Moorthy; spokesman of Gandhian Virtue Name: Jitendra V. Sumra Roll No. : 16 Semester : 03 Year : 2012-13 Paper No. : 104 Paper Name : Indian Writing In English Dept Of English Maharaja KrishnkumarSinhji Bhavnagar University
  2. 2. Moorthy• Moorthy Or Moorthappa is an educated Youngman of Kanthapura. It is he who organizes the work of the Congress in the village and hence he is the central figure in the novel.• He is an ordinary Youngman, with common human weaknesses.
  3. 3. • He is one of those thousands of Youngman who were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi to give up their studies, risk the wrath of their government and became fighters for the cause of their motherland.• He is called “Corner-house” Moorthy, “Our Moorthy”, Moorthy who has gone through life like a noble cow, quite, generous, deferent, Brahmin, a very Prince”.• He is considered to be an honest like an elephant and is spoken of as “our Gandhi”, “The saint of our village”.•
  4. 4. Impact of Gandhis Personality• Its Seems that the impact of Gandhi’s personality has transformed him from a common village lad, into a Youngman capable of leadership, and the self-sacrifice and devotion which leadership entails.• He was just past twenty-five, himself deeply involved to the extent of being obsessed with Gandhian as well as his search for a Guru.
  5. 5. • He has extraordinary capacity for inspiring the people. On his return from the city he at once proceeds to organized the Gandhi work in the village.• “ The Gandhian struggle for independence had three strands- Political ,Religious, Social, and all these strands meet in Moorthy”. He works on all these levels.
  6. 6. Moorthy; Organizes the Gandhi work in the Village.• It is he Moorthy who organized the Gandhi work in the village and he shows a rare devotion and insight for a village youth.• He goes from door to door to carrying the message of Mahatma Gandhi.
  7. 7. It is he who explains the economy of the khaddiand the importance of the “charkha” to theignorant and superstition ridden women of thevillage,and persuades them to take to spinningdespite stiff opposition from all quarters.
  8. 8. Like gandhi,moorthy, too undertakes a fast ,organisespicketing and satyagrahs,court arrest and is sent to jailthroughout, he is shown to be an ideal Gandhi.
  9. 9. Here is moorthy ,a Gandhi man who has preachedbrotherhood and equality and castelessness andabolition of untouchability.