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Mhada MITRA English


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This presentation demonstrates essentials of the new web portal launched by MHADA called MITRA to implement the Right to Services Act.

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Mhada MITRA English

  1. 1. 13-Aug-15 Right to Services Act
  2. 2.  Government of Maharashtra has introduced Public Right to Services Act (RTS)  More than 110 services listed by Government of Maharashtra come under the Right to Services  10 services of MHADA are selected for implementation of RTS in MHADA  MHADA took the major initiative to make these services online through a new portal called MITRA
  3. 3.  The objective of this act is to provideTransparent, time-bound and efficient services to eligible citizens of Government of Maharashtra  Guarantee of time-bound service to citizens  Penalty and Fine to responsible officer if the service is delayed  Citizen will get an acknowledgement in writing or in electronic form or SMS specifying  Date,Time, Place  Unique TOKEN Number  Stipulated disposal Time-frame  Citizens who are denied timely delivery of services may approach the appellate officer
  4. 4.  Government of Maharashtra is planning to implement e-Governance system for effective implementation of Right to Services Act  MHADA has already developed the e- Governance system and launching itTODAY!  
  5. 5. Process Flow Citizen Makes Application – ONLINE or @ MITRA Center (Documents are scanned and uploaded) Citizen Receives Acknowledgement andToken number Citizen also receives the acknowledgement via SMS 1 2 3
  6. 6. Sr Service Period 1 निवासी सदनिका / अनिवासी गाळा / भूखंड भोगटाबद्दल (हस्ां्रण) 23 2 निवासी सदनिका / अनिवासी गाळा / भूखंड नियमि्ीकरण 23 3 थकबाकी बाब्चे िा देय प्रिाणपत्र 19 4 सदनिका / भूखंड / व्यापारी गाळा ववत्तीय संसथेकडे ्ारण ठेवण्यास िा-हरक् प्रिाणपत्र 12 5 सदनिका / भूखंड / व्यापारी गाळेधारकांिा सहकारी संसथा सथापि करणेसाठी िा- हरक् प्रिाणपत्र 21 6 सदनिका / व्यापारी गाळा / भूखंड ववक्री परवािगी 15 7 भूखंडाची उववरी् खरेदी ककं ि् (बी.पी.पी.) / कर्ावची थकबाकी भरणा पत्र 21 8 सदनिके चा/भूखंडाचा उववरर् भादेखारेदी हप््ा (एच.पी.एस) भरणा पत्र 21 9 सदनिका / भूखंड / व्यापारी गाळ्याच्या िस्ी्ील कागदपत्रांच्या प्रिािण् प्र्ी 8 10 सदनिका / भूखंड / व्यापारी गाळा भाड्यािे देणेबाब् िा हरक् प्रिाणपत्र मिळणेबाब् अर्व (For Provisional Letter) 22
  7. 7. Process Flow MITRA person forwards the application to concerned Officer Officer Assigns it to the concerned assistant who is responsible for work The assistant checks the application and attached documents. Generates Challan if fee needs to be paid. 4 5 6
  8. 8. Process Flow IF everything is correct, the system generates the Document to be given Officer Approves the services request and the document online. Citizen receives the document digitally and also can collect it at MITRA Center. 7 8 9
  9. 9.  Citizen can track the application at any time byTOKEN Number. Status: Sent to Department for Processing
  10. 10.  Citizen receives SMS notifications for each stage of the application processing
  11. 11. Login with User ID and Password
  12. 12. Select Board Select Service Provide Details
  13. 13. Upload Scanned Documents
  14. 14. Number of Days it will take Application /Token Number
  15. 15. ThankYou…