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Research data spring: DMA Online


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The research data spring project "Data Management Analytics Online" slides for the third sandpit workshop. Project led by Adrian Albin-Clark, Masud Khokhar, John Krug & Hardy Schwamm, Lancaster University.

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Research data spring: DMA Online

  1. 1. Adrian Albin-Clark, Masud Khokhar, John Krug & Hardy Schwamm, Lancaster University DMAOnline - Data Management Administration Online10/12/2015 #dmaonline
  2. 2. DMAOnline - Lancaster University Overview 1. Reminder: What is DMAOnline 2. Progress report: Demo of DMAOnline prototype 3. What would we like to do in Phase 3? 4. The future 10/12/2015 2
  3. 3. DMAOnline - Lancaster University Introduction » DMAOnline: A dashboard to view RDM information from a variety of data sources »Top 3 use cases for DMAOnline 1. Timely reporting of RDM compliance data for appropriate interventions 2. Reducing routine task workload 3. Future business case development »Lots of interest from community! › Early adopters include Universities of York, Birmingham and St. Andrews. 10/12/2015 3
  4. 4. Demo »DMAOnline demo
  5. 5. DMAOnline - Lancaster University Phase III and the future »Phase III developments › Archivematica APIs › DMPOnline APIs › Shibboleth login › IRUS-UK APIs »A national service (or even international) »DMAOnline as a potential candidate for the reporting lot for Jisc RDM shared service 10/12/2015 5