Introducing OfficeBox


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Introducing OfficeBox

  1. 1. The Private Cloud Storage Solution
  2. 2. The Private Cloud Storage SolutionOfficeBox is a secure private cloud storage solution for enterprises. It guarantees secure onlineworkspace with comprehensive administrative control. Accelerate your workflow with the best ofbreeds file sharing solution from OfficeBox.
  3. 3. What is OfficeBox?Private Cloud Storage○ Instant access to all your company files securely○ Comprehensive administrative control management○ All data secured in in-house OfficeBox under your controlSmart Content Management○ Upload all registered format files automatically○ Schedule backup for selected folders to server○ Upload PC files to server from OfficeBox mobile app.Best of Breeds File Sharing○ Share large-sized file and folder by creating a link○ Authorized user can be shared specific files from Shared folder○ Guest folder to share files with partners securelyPowerful Admin. Console○ Monitor user and file status by file, file/folder link and login logs○ Assign permission to control user access and using file link○ Strengthen data security by file link, password and file auto-delete policy setup
  4. 4. User Mode – Data ManagementShared FolderSecure workspace for internal collaboration.Only administrator can add multiple foldersunder Shared folder and give permission foraccess.My FolderPrivate area for user to manage personal files.User can upload file easily and quickly.Guest FolderSecure workspace to collaborate with partners.User can add Guest folder to allow space to co-work with external partners efficiently.
  5. 5. User Mode – File & Folder LinkFast and Simple Way to ShareLarge-sized File or Multiple FilesSecure file sharing feature which you canshare large-sized file and folder simple inshort time. Just create a link on uploadedfile or folder to share.
  6. 6. User Mode – PC AgentOfficeBox PC AgentExclusive browser which you can transfer files between PC and OfficeBox serverdirectly. All features are available in one browser.○ Drag and Drop○ Create File and Folder Link○ Automatic Upload○ Schedule Backup○ PC Drive Access From Mobile App○ Shared Folder Notification
  7. 7. User Mode – Mobile ApplicationOfficeBox Mobile ApplicationAccess to OfficeBox server and your PC drives from on the go.OfficeBox Server Access, File View/Upload/Download, Create File/Folder Link,Remote Access to PC, Upload PC File to OfficeBox features are supported
  8. 8. Admin. Mode – User ManagementAdd UserAdministrator adds user accounts with userdetail information.○ Name, ID, Password and Contacts○ Capacity, PermissionManage User AccountsAdministrator can manageuser accounts by registering,modifying and deleting usersand groups. Importing usersor groups by CSV file andauthentication integration issupported.
  9. 9. Admin. Mode – Shared Folder ManagementShared Folder ManagementAdd multiple Shared Folder for different division and projects. Administratorcan setup the access permission of each Shared Folder for security.Folder sync feature is supported for you to sync other OfficeBox serverShared Folder.
  10. 10. Admin. Mode – Log ManagementReal-time MonitoringOfficeBox supports real-time monitoring and logs of user and files activity toreinforce security.File logs, File/Folder link logs, login logs are provided for monitoring user andfile status.
  11. 11. Admin. Mode – Security ManagementPermission SetupAssign access permissions for filesharing activities to reinforce datasecurity.Give users and groups permissionto read/write/create files inspecified folders.System Policy SetupVarious policy options such as filelink, password policy and fileauto-delete supports to reinforcedata security.Options: Global Config, File LinkControl, Password Policy, FileAuto-delete, Email NotificationSetting
  12. 12. OfficeBox Product Line-UpModel Description RequirementsAppliance S/W + H/W PackageVirtual Appliance S/W for Virtual Server VMware ESXi/ESX 4.x, 5.x versionSW Package Software VersionH/W: HDD 16GB or higherOS: CentOS 5.x (32bit)Version DescriptionWebInternet Explorer 8 or higherSafari 5.1x on Mac OSXChrome, FirefoxPC Agent Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higherMobile App. iOS 5.0 or higher, Android 2.2 or higherProduct Line-upSpecification
  13. 13. The Private Cloud Storage Solution for Your Company