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Video games


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Video games

  1. 1. Video GamesBy: Abdullah AlJunaibiClass of CLZH00247490
  2. 2. Content What are video games? Why do I like video games? How did gaming benefit me? My video game journey.
  3. 3. What are video games? Video games are a gateway from ourreal life to a virtual one. It can also be defined as◦ A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on atelevision screen or display.◦ But we don’t care about this definition
  4. 4. Why do I play video games? There are many reasons why a personwould do so◦ To kill boredom◦ Have fun individually◦ Enjoy time with friends
  5. 5. How did gaming benefit me? Playing video games helped me learn the Englishlanguage fluently since I was a child. I met new friends in school throughout the years,because of the gaming subject.
  6. 6. My video game journey
  7. 7. Any questions?