The Khim in Thai Culture


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Khim (Thai dulcimer) in Thai culture.

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The Khim in Thai Culture

  1. 1. The Khim in Thai Culture Jintana T. Barton Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand
  2. 2. Khim is from 琴 /qin/ Chinese Fujian dialect
  3. 3. The Kind of Khim in Thailand  Khim Thai (Thai-style dulcimer) Khim Chin (Chinese-style dulcimer - Yangqin)
  4. 4. Khim Thai Thai-style dulcimer
  5. 5. Khim Chin (Chinese-style dulcimer -Yangqin)
  6. 6. Development of Khim in Thailand
  7. 7. Shape of Sound box  Butterfly shape  Irregular rectangle shape  Oval shape
  8. 8. Butterfly shape
  9. 9. Irregular rectangle shape
  10. 10. Oval shape (Fancy Khim)
  11. 11. The Bridge of Thai Khim Two bridges with 7, 9,11, 15, 20 notes
  12. 12. The Bridge of Thai Khim Two bridges with 7 notes
  13. 13. The Bridge of Thai Khim Two bridges with 9 notes
  14. 14. The Bridge of Thai Khim Two bridges with 11notes
  15. 15. Stainless strings 15 notes
  16. 16. Contemporary Thai Khim (Chromatic Khim)
  17. 17. The design on Khim’s sound box
  18. 18. Mother of pearl in laid
  19. 19. Photo and name on the box
  20. 20. Lacquer and gold
  21. 21. Lacquer and gold
  22. 22. Grain of Teak wood
  23. 23. Sound hole
  24. 24. Name and surname
  25. 25. ‘Phalee’ a character in Ramayana
  26. 26. Celestial musician
  27. 27. Materials that make sound of Khim  Stringed-Khim  Metal Plated Khim  Tube Khim
  28. 28. Stringed-Khim (Steel, brass, aluminium)
  29. 29. Metal Plated Khim
  30. 30. Tube Khim
  31. 31. Music notation of Thai Khim  Thai alphabet  Arabic number
  32. 32. Thai alphabet
  33. 33. ลาวครวญLaos-Kruan ม ดร - ด - ม ร ร ร ---- -ซ - - - - ซล - ด- ด - ม ร ดร ม ร ร ซ -ด ร มซม ร ด - ร - - - ซ - ซ - ซลซ - ซ - ล - - - - - - - - (: -ม
  34. 34. ลาวครวญLaos-Kruan 1 60-6-10 00 ---------3 - - - -34 -10601 0 0 3 -6 013106-0 - - -3-3-343-3-4 - - - - - - - - (: -1
  35. 35. Solo
  36. 36. Two Khim solo
  37. 37. The Khim in Thai culture  ‘Khim’ in Thai – dictionary  ‘Khim’ in Thai novel – Kuukarm
  38. 38. Khim as a popular Thai name  Nick name  First name Khim-on ( ) Khim-kha ( ) Khim-thong ( )
  39. 39. Khim in Thai Music Thai classical music Khim as a Thai classical music instrument  Thai classical music- string ensemble  Solo for Khim Lao Pan Phya Sok Nok Khamin Khaek Mon
  40. 40.  Khim as Thai melodis’ name  Chin Khim-yai (Chinese big dulcimer)  Chin Khim-lek (Chinese little dulcimer)  Khim as a major for music degree in university
  41. 41. Khim in Thai Contemporary Music The Khim is played in many occasions by the band, including folk music, popular music and green music (The music for relaxing, healing, soothing, and meditation) such as: The Spell of Whispering by Chamrat Sewataporn
  42. 42. Khim in many special projects The butterfly shaped Khim is in the Thai Community Product Standard project. This project is a responsibility of the Ministry of Industry with the aim to upgrade the quality of community products to a national and international level. The Khim is now a recognized national standard product.
  43. 43. Entrance Examination  “Middle school Entrance Examination through Music Ability Admission Project”  “University Entrance Examination through Sport and Art Special Ability Admission Project”
  44. 44. Music Competition  “Thailand Eastern Region Thai classical music Competition”  “Set-trade Youth music Contest”  “Thailand Sorn-Thong Thai Classical Music Competition”
  45. 45. Khim in Today‟s Public Affairs  Today the Khim is a musical instrument that has become common as public entertainment.  It represents Thai classical music in the mind of the general public and we found that the Khim is performed in many public places.
  46. 46. Thai restaurant
  47. 47. Lobby of five star hotel
  48. 48. Perform in the Mall as Thai classical music
  49. 49. In the mall
  50. 50. Teaching and Learning Khim in Thai society  For a professional (as a career)  For a hobby  For special purpose (goal)  Learn how to play the Khim to use as a sideline and part time job during their studies and work abroad
  51. 51. Khim class for hyperactive child or special child  The Baan Keng khim music school has a special Khim class for hyperactive children.  The report said that the hyperactive children had better concentration and improved moods, because they seem to relax and develop a peaceful mind during their practice.
  52. 52. The Media of Teaching and Learning Khim in Thai society
  53. 53. Video CD for learning how to play Khim
  54. 54. Today khim is a popular musical instrument for Thai children to start to learn Thai classical music.
  55. 55. Thai society has adopted a Chinese-style dulcimer. Yangqin was also imported from China however this kind of Khim is usually learned by Chinese descendents who wish to participate in traditional Chinese music groups such as the Chauzhou string ensemble for opera, Buddhist music. It is used more often for formal Chinese cultural music than is the traditional Thai style „Khim‟.
  56. 56. Many countries in Southeast Asia have adopted the Khim from China, including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodian and Thailand. We found that only Thailand has adopted, adapted, modified and developed the Khim into a uniquely Thai style instrument and method of performance.
  57. 57. Khim in Thailand is not only musical instrument, but it also can reflect Thai culture. Khim has become an unofficial national musical symbol for Thailand
  58. 58.  The Khim (Dulcimer) is a musical instrument of the world not just China and Thailand.  It has many forms and variations of design, style and use around the world.  The Khim will continue to develop and change as it has been shown by the evolution of the dulcimer from a Chinese instrument into the Thai Khim.
  59. 59. Thank you Good-bye