Let BarCamp Change Your Life


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Presentation for Barcamp Battambang, 2013. 'CrowdSource' your life.

Links: http://goo.gl/xsDWO

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Let BarCamp Change Your Life

  1. 1. Let BarCamp Change Your Lifeor…Jweeks.net
  2. 2. CrowdSource Your LifeMekongICT.org
  3. 3. Why BarCamp?• Why CrowdSource?• Why should I care?
  4. 4. Why Not?• Sometimes life can seem a little‘FUBAR’.• So get out of your ‘comfort zone’ andmeet people In Real Life –‘IRL’
  5. 5. The value of IRL:1stCambodia Blogger Meetup, 2005
  6. 6. IRL builds community‘IRL’ is physical networking.Watch out, you might actually make friends!Friends care about your work, your life, yourfeelings.Some ‘case studies’ of IRL:
  7. 7. ‘Case Studies’– Personal Information TechnologyWorkshop– BarCamp Bangkok Dating Seminar– Clogger Summit– Sexy Cambodian Bloggers– Queen of the Geeks– ‘Bopha Chiang Mai’
  8. 8. Personal Information TechnologyWorkshopwww.pitw.wordpress.com
  9. 9. After the workshop:• Hundreds of college / high school students trained &sharing• For the presenters and associated staff:– Chantra: BarCamp / Open Institute / private sector work– Viirak: BarCamp, Cloggers Corner, NGO & private sectorwork – now in Kenya!– Kalyan: scholarship overseas– Nearirath: scholarship overseas– Chak Sopheap: scholarship overseas, ‘Global Voices’ work– Cloggers Corner / Clogger Summit / BarCamps follow
  10. 10. Meanwhile, in Bangkok …Presentation from ‘31o5’
  11. 11. Outcomes:• ‘3105’ becomes ‘geek star’ ofASEAN BarCamps, coverage onsocial media, podcast, radio, TV• ‘Unconference’ format of ASEANBarCamp welcomes sharingcultural / social / humorous issue• “barcamp changed my life andcreated my daughter”
  12. 12. Clogger SummitBethKanter.org
  13. 13. Due to IRL trainings andmeetings:• EVERYONE wanted to attendCambodia’s first social media ‘CloggerSummit’• Cambodian and Cambodia basedbloggers met each other and also metenthused overseas bloggers.
  14. 14. Outcomes: Made a LOT of newfriends
  15. 15. Outcomes: Enthusiasm for more techmeetings like ‘Cloggers Corner’ and‘BarCamp’
  16. 16. Outcomes:• Beth Kanter raised over $4000 for her traveland the conference – she is now known as anexpert fundraiser and published author.BethKanter.org
  17. 17. Outcomes: Analysis of KhmerBlogging scene by Global Voices’Preetam Rai leading to…BethKanter.org
  18. 18. A TED talk
  19. 19. Don’t worry, I’ll include links to talks andvideos. :D
  20. 20. Why Are Cambodians ‘UnlikelyDiplomats’?• YOU are in demand for global meetingsand feedback.• Just don’t be afraid to apply.
  21. 21. Examples:Bloggers Nearirathand Chhardapresent at BarCampSaigon on ‘SexyCambodianBloggers’Nearirath Sreng
  22. 22. Heng Huy Eng: the only femaleSoutheast Asian Coder at OpenKnowledge Festival - FinlandCourtesy International Land Coalition
  23. 23. CrowdSource Your Life• No, it’s not about dating, sex …• or being from Cambodia / SoutheastAsia• Join BarCamps, Tech Meetings,Unconferences….• Share your ideas• Everywhere you go, you’ll find ‘likeminds’ and new ideas. For example:
  24. 24. I Talk About Comics!
  25. 25. And wherever I Go (Indonesia)
  26. 26. Malaysia
  27. 27. Singapore...
  28. 28. Thailand…
  29. 29. … you’ll find friends.
  30. 30. New Ideas:At Mekong ICT Camp 2010 I barely knewanyone. I started sketching people.
  31. 31. New IdeasBy the end of the conference I was a lot less shy.
  32. 32. New Ideas• During the Camp I learned about ‘Open Data’from expert Laurence Millar.• This changed my thinking, and gave me a jobfor two years creating ‘Open DevelopmentCambodia’• I returned in 2013 to share the results of ourhard-working team. I never expected this.• Now I’m thinking of MORE projects.– Open Data, Open Comics, Open Everything.
  33. 33. OpenDevCam.net
  34. 34. MekongICT.org
  35. 35. Conclusion• Attend BarCamps, UnConferences,Tech meetings. ‘IRL’ – In Real Life.• Present on what you like and know.(Even if you think no one will care.)• Don’t be shy. :D
  36. 36. Thank You!
  37. 37. Links:http://goo.gl/xsDWOMore adventures atJweeks.net