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Silver Coins - A History of Currency


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The older silver coin the more prospective you find advanced value. On this Presentation we are discusses about these old time silver coins and there history prospective.

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Silver Coins - A History of Currency

  1. 1. Coins of Silver - A Historical Perspective The precious metal ‘silver’ is the oldest form of ‘silver coinage.’ The silver coins - Drachmas of the Greeks, to the Persians interest in silver coinage, and the British silver pennies, this precious metal has travelled a long way.
  2. 2. The value of ‘silver’ coins depends upon their rarity, demand condition and the number originally minted. Denarius Miliarense
  3. 3. The Morgan and the Peace Dollar Depiction on the same coin
  4. 4. The Greek Drachmas The above pictures are some of the collectibles that we feel proud of today as possessions. Followed by these came the Chinese Coinage in Bronze.
  5. 5. The caliphate coinage constituted of the Dirhams during the Arabic dynasties.
  6. 6. The silver Sceattas were the popular coinage in England
  7. 7. The Indian coin in the reign of Alamgir (The Punch Marked Coins)
  8. 8. 1888 Mexican 8 reales silver coin having multiple chop marks made by Chinese merchants
  9. 9. Commemorative coin in silver that we See Today
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