Vodg seo and website analytics presentation jim raymond 13 november 2013 to share


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Presentation to VODG Marketing Directors group about SEO and Web analytics. Jim Raymond, Second Person, 13 November 2013.

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  • Search engines have become an essential part of how people find care provision.
  • Let’s look at how Sarah approaches SEO and Website Analytics. She is the Head of Communications at Constant Care.
  • Constant Care serves a potential community of 100,000 with a particular learning disability. A rough estimate at the total community affected by this condition puts it at 1,000,000. To day Sarah’s monthly unique visitors are only 10,000 a month which means she is routinely only reaching 1% of the total community.
  • With 5% annual growth in website visitors,,,,
  • Sarah is facing a 95 year wait before she reaches all the community via digital.
  • On top of this, Sarah has a full workload of newsletters, emails, publications and fact sheets to manage. Her CEO has also just popped into find out why they aren’t No1 in Google for Learning Disability…..
  • Sarah dreams of her far off simmer holiday and her attention turns to her withered pot plant on the windowsill. She spends the rest of the day bringing the plant back to life.
  • After considering the best environment for the plant, moving the plant into the light, adding water, giving the plant food, propping it up with proper support, making notes of what works best for the plant, managing the pests around the plant Sarah brings the plant back to life. She also realises that she needs to repeat all these steps on a daily basis to keep the plant healthy on an ongoing basis.
  • Could her plant be a bit like her website? Sarah begins by considering the environment her website lives within – her community of 1,000,000 people.
  • She does some community research.
  • These are some of her findings.
  • Sadly her website is not well suited to the environment of her community.
  • She starts an action list of what to do with her website.
  • Could sunlight be a little like audience insight?
  • She considers key questions that her audience ask and writes down the language they use. She then asks the same questions of her website and sees if the answers are the same – a little like Mr and Mrs.
  • She finds that they are talking a different language.
  • Sarah adds to her to do list.
  • Sarah uses incognito browsing to test out the search results for the key terms that her audiences are searching for.
  • Again Sarah concludes that her website is not matching to the sunlight conditions of her community.
  • Sarah considers whether content is as vital to her website as water is to her plant.
  • She assesses all her content for usage and quality.
  • She talks to her friend Zak Costperclick who is an SEO consultant.
  • Zak has a number of golden rules for how to create content optimised for search engines.
  • Sarah creates a content schedule to help her overhaul her content.
  • Zak has feelings for Sarah and sends her some flowers!
  • This makes Sarah wonder whether she can add some instant colour and traffic to her website through Google Grants.
  • Sarah wonders whether getting people to link to her website could boost traffic like plantfood.
  • Providing support to her plant is like ensuring her website has the right technical support to ensure search engines can crawl around the site.
  • Sarah ask Zak to help her out once more.
  • Zak produces a site audit and identifies a number of things which need to be fixed in her site.
  • Sarah adds to her agency’s to do list.
  • Sarah considers the next time she tenders her website ensuring that the brief ensures key SEO technical requirements.
  • Sarah considers whether other people competing for the same audience are like pests?
  • Sarah considers how to respond….
  • Sarah likes to keep an eye on things and write them down. Analytics is like keeping a journal to see what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Sarah considers how to best read statistics.
  • Sarah decides that these factors are the most important stats to consider.
  • So Sarah has gone from being overwhelmed…
  • To day dreaming…
  • To bringing her plant and her website back to life.
  • Time to kick back and relax.
  • But not so fast…her website needs tending just like her plant.
  • Just like a gardener gets into good habits…
  • So Sarah needs to adopt good SEO habits.
  • Sarah’s traffic growth goes from 5% to
  • 50% which means instead of…
  • Reaching all her community in 95 years…
  • She can reach them in 12 years!
  • What sort of growth are you getting in traffic and outcomes? When do you reach all your commmunity?
  • How do you improve your SEO skills. You could learn more, you could employ more staff or you could engage an outside expert.
  • Good starting points for learning.
  • Answers to some VODG member’s questions.
  • Ideas around staffing up.
  • Or go to an external expert. Here are three I would recommend.
  • To recap, Sarah is good at bringing plants back to life.
  • The same goes for bringing her website back to life.
  • Vodg seo and website analytics presentation jim raymond 13 november 2013 to share

    1. 1. SEO and website analytics Jim Raymond 7th November 2013
    2. 2. Sarah
    3. 3. Sarah 10,000 – 1% 100,000 1,000,000
    4. 4. Sarah 5%
    5. 5. Sarah 5% 2108
    6. 6. Sarah
    7. 7. Sarah Light Water Environment Food Tending Support Pests Journal
    8. 8. Sarah Light Water Environment Food Tending Support Pests Journal
    9. 9. Environment - Community
    10. 10. Community Research • Research what you already know by looking at your supporter and service user databases. – – – – – – Their age, Their likelihood to use digital Their connection with the condition Their location What help they want from you What support they want to provide to you • Find out about the people you don’t already reach Use your contacts who work for local authorities, experts in the condition and people in the NHS.
    11. 11. Community Learnings • Awareness of the condition is low particularly in people below 50 • People affected by the condition are typically in their 50s and upwards. • People connected by the condition are also in their 50s and upwards but children of those affected use the internet to find out information about the condition. • Some Healthcare professionals are looking to improve their knowledge of the condition • People with the condition are scattered across the UK and people in rural areas in particular find it hard to get referred by their GPs to specialist care centres • etc
    12. 12. Community
    13. 13. Community - to do list • Research community • Make things easy to find • Simplify language & remove jargon • Provide content for specific audiences • Adopt a friendly tone • Stop Jeff in policy ever writing content ever again!
    14. 14. Sunshine - Insight
    15. 15. Insight • 1) A service user has just been diagnosed with a learning difficulty. What is the first thing available to them on your website? • 2) A 16 year old's Dad has a learning difficulty. In a particularly low point, they want to find someone to talk with or some information on how to cope. What is available on your website? • 3) A GP suspects that her patient has a learning dfficulty and is looking for a specialist care provider to refer them to. What information is available on your website for the GP?
    16. 16. Insight • 1) You have just been diagnosed with a learning difficulty. What is the first thing you are going to search on Google for? • 2) You are a 16 year old and your Dad has a learning difficulty. In a particularly low point, you want to find someone to talk with or some information on how to cope. What are you going to search for on Google? • 3) You are a GP and you suspect that your patient has a learning difficulty. You are looking for a specialist care provider to refer them to. What are you going to search for on Bing?
    17. 17. Insight - to do list • Sign up for Google Webmaster tools • Review keywords on your Google Analytics • Use other sites such as Bing, Yahoo, Youtube • Analyse your enquiry forms - what questions are people asking, what words are they using? • Review what people are searching for on your site search. • Be a bit more careful what I search for on the web 
    18. 18. Incognito/Inprivate browsing
    19. 19. Insight
    20. 20. Water - Content
    21. 21. Usage and quality Quality X X X X X X X X X X Usage X X X X X X Doesn’t exist
    22. 22. Zak Costperclick
    23. 23. Zak’s content guidelines • What is the user’s question? Eg What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer • Extract the keywords Pancreatic cancer symptoms
    24. 24. Zak’s content guidelines • • • • • • Use the keywords in: Address/URL Page title First paragraph Repeat in copy Use in subheadings
    25. 25. Zak’s other ideas • Add a blog and create entries consistently • Provide a moderated forum and open your forum to Google • If you can’t create relevant content that is interesting think Red Bull • Go for dinner with Zak
    26. 26. Content schedule
    27. 27. Zak Costperclick
    28. 28. Google Grants • Free • Immediate increase in traffic • Test wordings • Keyword research tools • Seasonal and topical ads • Lots of other charities are doing it
    29. 29. Food - Links
    30. 30. Links - to do list • Remember Linkbait • Link to your own pages • Use descriptive links • Ask people to link to you especially trusted people
    31. 31. Monitor inbound links www.opensiteexplorer.org
    32. 32. Links - social to do list • Tweet and post about your own content • Add social sharing tools to your site • Encourage all staff to tweet and post • Engage with people and include links in your responses • Apart from Jeff in policy
    33. 33. Support - Technology
    34. 34. Zak Costperclick
    35. 35. SEO report
    36. 36. Web agency - to do list • Add XML sitemap • Update Robots.txt • Use H1,H2,H3 tags correctly • Add alt text on images. • URLs should use page titles and be unique and permanent
    37. 37. Website tender requirements • Add XML sitemap • Update Robots.txt • Use H1,H2,H3 tags correctly • Add alt text on images. • URLs should use page titles and be unique and permanent
    38. 38. Pests - Competitors
    39. 39. Consider how you respond • Attack! – Compete on keywords • Coexist – Go after related keywords • Collaborate – Agree on complementary keywords you will each target
    40. 40. Journal - Analytics
    41. 41. Reading statistics • Date range – three months • Compare against last year not last month – like for like • All it can tell you is up, down, or the same – don’t look for accuracy that isn’t there • Aim for “up and to the right” • 5 mins every day, 10 mins once a week, 1 hour every month, 3 hours every 3 months. • Remember external effects – usage inflation, marketing activities, wider events.
    42. 42. Sarah’s KPIs • • • • • • • • Visits Bounce rate Pages per visit Visit duration Top 30 pages Goals Conversion Mobile
    43. 43. Cool stats – real time
    44. 44. Cool stats – in page analytics
    45. 45. Sarah
    46. 46. Sarah
    47. 47. Sarah
    48. 48. Sarah
    49. 49. Tending - SEO Habits
    50. 50. SEO Habits • Little and often: – light, water, feed, journal • Occasional – support, pests • Once in a while – review environment, pruning.
    51. 51. SEO Habits • Little and often: – Insight, content, links, stats • Occasionally – technology, competitors • Once in a while – review community, remove content.
    52. 52. Sarah 5%
    53. 53. Sarah 50%
    54. 54. Sarah 2108
    55. 55. Sarah 2025
    56. 56. What about you? 5% 2108
    57. 57. What’s next • Learn • Employ • Ask an expert
    58. 58. What’s next • Learn • Employ • Ask an expert • http://moz.com/beginne rs-guide-to-seo • http://econsultancy.com /uk/blog/7971-50search-marketingstarter-guide-rules • http://searchengineland .com/seotable • http://www.matthewwoo dward.co.uk/jargonbuster/
    59. 59. Answers to queries • Learn • Employ • Ask an expert • http://www.searchenginej ournal.com/how-to-beincluded-in-googlesnews-feed/64363/ • http://www.seonews.com/wordpressseo-the-good-the-badand-the-downright-ugly/ • http://econsultancy.com/u k/blog/63614-hashummingbird-changedseo-forever
    60. 60. What’s next • Learn • Employ • Ask an expert • Employ a gardener • Someone who knows what they are doing and has the time. • A good compromise is to have an external expert and a volunteer. • Or you may employ an apprentice or intern.
    61. 61. What’s next • Learn • Employ • Ask an expert • Advisor • Initial work to improve SEO • Ongoing activity
    62. 62. www.cicada-online.com
    63. 63. www.cicada-online.com
    64. 64. Digital Marketing Services Netcel offers a full range of Digital Marketing services SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaign Management Email Marketing Consultancy Social Media Strategy
    65. 65. About Netcel • Full service digital agency • Formed 1995 & based in St Albans • Strategic web solutions developed from: Planning & Consultancy, Creative Services Technical, Development, Digital Marketing Hosting & Support • 100% key partnerships retained for 10+ years • Exemplary levels of staff retention 30+ permanent staff Trusted pool of contractors • Innovation Labs and Knowledge Sharing
    66. 66. Sector experience Diverse client base …with a focus on charity and NFP
    67. 67. Third Sector Charity clients
    68. 68. ABOUT/ CHAMELEON Chameleon are a ‘digital first’ agency based in Soho, London. Our core team of 20 is made up of digital creatives, marketers, technologists, architects and strategists. We are agile and adaptive and know about everything from website design and development through to detailed technology platform selection and advanced traffic generation techniques. We create engaging and effective digital solutions for our clients that motivate and mobilise people.
    69. 69. CHAMELEON /DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES PAY PER CLICK /GOOGLE GRANT & PAID • Sector Specialists: Chameleon has 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector. • Results Orientated: Before every campaign we agree core KPIs for the project to maintain a clear focus. • Proven Track Record: Chameleon have applied for, built and managed numerous Google Grant accounts, taking them to $40k per month media spends. • Fundraising Support: There are times when the Google Grant cannot support online objectives, so Chameleon uses paid-for accounts to support online giving campaigns and event registrations. SEARCH /SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION • Bespoke Packages: Chameleon provides bespoke SEO solutions, tailored to individual clients needs. • No Unethical “Back Hat” techniques: Chameleon does not use, and will not use unethical techniques to manipulate search results for a quick fix. • On-Page: Getting your own website correctly optimised is the first stage of any SEO campaign. • Off-Page: Through coordinated outreach campaigns Chameleon will gain high quality links back to your site. Google Analytics: Consultancy, implementation & reporting
    70. 70. OUR CLIENTS
    71. 71. JEREMY DAVIS /CLIENT SERVICES DIRECTOR +44 (0) 20 7332 6364 Jeremy.davis@chameleon.eu www.chameleon.eu
    72. 72. Sarah Light Water Environment Food Tending Support Pests Journal
    73. 73. Sarah Light Water Environment Food Tending Support Pests Journal
    74. 74. SEO Light – Insight Water Content Environment - Community Food Links Tending – SEO habits Pests Competitors Support Technology Journal Analytics
    75. 75. Second Person • Launching in January, Second Person will be a Digital Mentoring company specialising in charities and universities. • Second Person supports: – Directors with strategic direction and confidence building around Digital, – Managers to build business cases for digital, set KPIs and put in place effective resourcing plans – Digital natives communicate more effectively. • If you would like to find out more about Second Person, then do come and see me at lunchtime.
    76. 76. Thank you • Jim Raymond • uk.linkedin.com/in/jimtraymond/