Annual sports meet 19th jan 2012 21st jan 2012


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Annual sports meet 19th jan 2012 21st jan 2012

  1. 1. C H E S S There shall be three rounds namely: Prelims, Semi final & Grand finale (On Three days respectively). Chess will be played as per the “INTERNATIONAL RULES”. The Top three candidates will be awarded in the Finals Venue: JIMS, Sector- 3 Campus Timings: 10.00 A.M. OnwardsFACULTY ORGANIZERS STUDENT CO- ORDINATORSMr. Shesadev Nayak Monika SinghMs. Sheelu Sharma Gautam GirhotraMs. Jyoti Kukreja Badal VermaMs. Divya Hardeep SinghMs. Shipra
  2. 2. RULES & REGULATIONS :-1. Individual participation.2. 3 “throws” will be given to each participant.3. Distance would be 7 feet.4. Three prizes will be awarded (I, II & III ).5. A throw does not score if it sticks into another dart or if it falls off the board.6. If a foot crosses over the line , the throw counts for no points and will not be re-thrown.7. Umpire decision will be final. QUARTER FINALS - 19TH JAN’2012 SEMI-FINALS - 20TH JAN’2012 FINALS - 21ST JAN’2012EVENT INCHARGE :- STUDENT COORDINATOR :-Renuka Jain Aakash ChawlaFACULY COORDINATOR :- Shubham SagarSusmita Mahata Aveesh KathuriaNamrata Chadha Harshit KhannaLinda Dutta Sakshi Goel , Neha Sharma &ROOM NO. - E-306 Ashima Razdan
  3. 3. VOLLEYBALLINSTRUCTIONS- Each team must have 8 members:6 players, 2 extras. All members must come in track suits, else will be disqualified. Interested students have to get their teams registered by 16th January 2012. Send your entries directly to the student coordinatorsTeacher Coordinator Student Coordinator Ms. Asha Thomas Jitender Saini Ms. Timsy Makhija. Pankaj Arora. Ms. Manpreet Kaur Harshit Malik. Ms. Priyanka gandhi. Sudhanshu Parasher Ms. Swati. Himanshu Goswami Mr. Shyam. Greshma pillai. Vivek Goel.Jims sports meet volleyball
  4. 4. Annual Sports Meet Races 2K12 Mtr. 100 Sack Race 200 Mtr. 400 Mtr. Relay Race Lemon Spoon Races Race 3 Leg RaceDATE’S :- 19th , 20th & 21st January, 2012Quarter Final, Semi-final, and Finals Respectively FACULTY CORDINATORS MS. Preeti BatraVENUE:- Yuva Shakti Sr. Sec. Model School MS. Sakshi Kundra Sec-3 Rohini MS. Renu Singh MalikFOR REGISTRATION MS. Senha BhatnagarCONTACT CORDINATOR’S Mr. AbhishekJasleen Kaur, Kritika Chauhan, Sakshi Fatnani, Mr. Anudeep AroraNishchay Sareen Ms. Penny Ms. Nidhi
  5. 5. Rules and Regulations : Time limit : 90 minutess with half time 11 Players on the field and 5 substitutes are allowed Only 3 substitutions are allowed There should be decent tackle between the players The referee should not be questioned by the players Prelims on: 13th Jan ‘12 & 14th Jan ‘12 Finals on:FACULY INCHARGE : 19th Jan ‘12 & 20th Jan ‘12Mr. Mohit Mathur MATCH VENUE:Dr. Preeti Sharma Yuva Shakti Public School (Sector-3, Rohini)Ms. Silky STUDENT COORDINATORS :Ms. Kanchan Bajaj Saurabh KakkarMr. Vinod Verma Sahil SapraMs. Penny Himanshu
  6. 6. Tug of war Pull up your sleeves and start push to pull the power in your hands. Plzzzz forward your entries to the following coordinators to join the most exciting, powerful game of power….!!!!!DATE- 19th , 20th & 21st January, 2012 VENUE- JIMS,SEC-3 RohiniEVENT COORDINATOR STUDENT COORDINATORMr Gagandeep Singh Himanshu GoswamiMs Parul Kumar Vikas KumarMr Rajesh Kumar Gaurav Sharma
  7. 7. TABLE TENNIS Categories 1) Boys Single 2) Girls Single 3) Boys Double 4) Girl Double 5) Mix Double Rules:DATE- 19th , 20th One person can participate in only VENUE-& 21st Jan one category. JIMS,SEC-3 Participants should be in complete Rohini sports wear (tracks-suits). Points will be decided on the day of event. Participants should report at 9:30 am for registration. Teacher Coordinators: Student Coordinators Ms. Gunjan Kapoor Ms. Prakhar Srivastava Ms. Jyotsna Gupta Ms. Mohita Shukla Ms. Payal Sharma Ms. Ragini Goel Ms. Khushboo Ms. Somya Sood Ms. Neha Jain
  8. 8. Venue: Yuva Shakti School Date: 19,20,21 Jan 2012 Time: 10:00 am. 1.Team should at least have 7 members(5 playing+2 extras). 2.Team should be in proper sports attire like sport shoes and shorts (else disqualified). 3.Team should get registered before 16 th january. 4.Team should report 1 hour before their respective match. 5. Basketball rules to apply like shifting, double dribbling, pivoting, 3 second violation etc.COORDINATORS: FACULTY:Prince Garg Ms.Ambika BhatiaMandeep Singh Mrs.Shivani WadhwaHarshit Burman Mrs.AparnaSudhanshu Mrs.ManjuSakshi Goel Ms. Dimpy SacharAastha Malhotra Mr.Anil Mr.Surinder Dhaka
  9. 9. RULES OF SHOT PUT  The shot is held between the neck and the shoulder.  The shot has to be thrown from a marked circle and throw the shot as far as you can.TEACHER’S COORDINATORS STUDENT’S COORDINATORS SANDEEPVANDANA SEHGAL NIKHILRITU MUNJAL RAKESHGEETA SHARMA AYUSHIRUCHI SHARMA SANYAMANISHA TRIPATHI CHOUBEY KAJAL