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Forever Living Scam Review


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Forever Living Scam is again one of the terms that has been placed in our search terms for various reasons. In this article we will help you to determine if the term truly applies to this company which has been around for some time.

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Forever Living Scam Review

  1. 1. FOREVER LIVING SCAM REVIEWForever Living scam is one of the more searched terms online when it comes to ForeverLiving. As the global market continues to struggle and show brief signs of recoveryfamilies are struggling to find ways to make ends meet. This opportunity poses a chanceat success for some people and continues to be a doom and gloom for others. One suchopportunity that many people are taking advantage of is the network marketing and directsales industry. This has proven over the years to allow everyday common people thechance to make a nice income from the comfort of their homes.FOREVER LIVING SCAM REVIEW – COMPANY OVERVIEWForever Living scam does exist. The problem with there being any reality to it is that itgenerally comes from former distributors that have failed for one reason or another.Forever Living was started in 1978 by Rex Maughan. The leadership includes his sonGregg Maughan as President, Rjay Lloyd as Executive Senior Vice President and NavazGhaswala as executive Vice President & Secretary. Forever Living boasts revenues of$2.5 Billion in 2010.FOREVER LIVING SCAM ? | CRITICAL REVIEW…Forever Living Review | What products are offered in this so-called Forever LivingScam ?The engine behind any successful network marketing or direct sales company is theproduct. There has to be an array of solid products to choose from or there needs to beone very solid product. The kind of product that stands out from the crowd and makes
  2. 2. people want to buy it. If you are going to believe the Forever Living scam, then there isno need to look at the products that they have.The core of Forever Living products are made from aloe vera. Over 92%of the world’saloe vera fields are owned and operated by Forever Living Products Company. Theproducts that they have are in relation to nutrition, drinks, personal care, skin care, beeproducts and weight management.Forever Living website says that all of their bee products – Honey, Royal Jelly, BeePollen and Bee Propolis – are natural and come from the hives directly to you - just ashoneybees have been making them for thousands of years!According to research that I have done, drinking Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Berry Nectar,Forever Bits n’ Peaches and Forever Freedom helps promote a good, healthy lifestyle!These are just a few more of the core products that make up this company. As mentionedearlier, when some people are over sold or promised results from distributors that onlywant to make a sale, are let down they will certainly shout from the rooftop that ForeverLiving scam is exactly what it is.Forever Living Scam Review | Is the Forever Living Scam a Good BusinessOpportunity?As I continue with this Forever Living scam review, I need to inform you that ForeverLiving is not a scam. This is a viable option for anyone wanting to make extra income ormake money at home. With the continued growth of interest in health throughout theworld there is an opportunity available.Forever Living scam is one that really does not apply to this company. There arethousands of distributors that have made some income from the method of operation thatexists with this company. The method that they have chosen to use is the multi-levelmarketing method which could be most of the reason why there has been such a term asForever Living scam.Some people have been told that success is simple with Forever Living and this has led tosome confusion. The confusion is due in part because generally what may be simple for
  3. 3. some may not be simple for others. Add this on top of excited new business partners thatmay soon lose some of their excitement if they do not begin to see profits fairly quickly.The compensation plan that the company uses is called a stair-step breakaway. Thiscompensation plan pays bonuses on full suggested retail price. Forever Living is one ofthe few companies in MLM that pays bonuses at this level as most only pay at wholesaleor below. The reality is that it does not matter how much you get can get paid if no one iscoming thru the pipeline.In order to be successful in MLM or any direct sales company there needs to be steadyflow of qualified prospects. Leads or prospects are the life- blood of any successfulcompany and yours can be no different. As a great business builder you can put the wordForever Living scam to rest.Learn how to create lead sustainability in your business and never have to purchase leadsagain: Click Here For Lead SustainabilityThanks for taking the time out to read this unbiased 3rdparty Forever Living ScamReview.Yours in Prosperity,Jimmy & Melodie WilliamsMobile Office: 478-832-2311Skype: jimmyrwilliams