Nicks House Press Release


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Nicks House Press Release

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HEADstrong Foundation Getting a HEAD of Cancer Contact: Cheryl Colleluori Phone: 610.461.5987 Email: Local Nonprofit Opens its Doors to Help Families Fighting Cancer The HEADstrong Foundation Celebrates the Opening of Nick’s HouseHOLMES, Pa. -- Oct. 4, 2011 -- On Tuesday Sept. 27, 2011, The HEADstrong Foundation celebrated the grandopening of “Nick’s House” a two-story commercial property that will now serve as the official “HEAD”quartersfor the foundation, while providing a free two-bedroom apartment to families with loved ones being treated inthe area. The opening of Nick’s House furthers the organization’s mission by lessening the financial burden puton families battling cancer and providing them with all of the comforts of home, including computer access andlaundry facilities. Nick’s House was established through the generosity and vision of the family and friends ofNick Colleluori.The property, having been abandoned for three years and under major disrepair, was acquired by theorganization and renovated and furnished entirely with donated goods and services. After five months of workand service from volunteers, the organization has opened its doors as a haven for families battling cancer in thePhiladelphia Metro area. The property will be able to fully house two families, complete with two bedrooms anda living room and kitchen area, while providing the organization with ample office space in the bottom floor thatserves as the “HEAD”quarters for the foundation. The front of the structure also houses large warehouse spacefor apparel storage.The grand opening celebration on September 27 had an attendance of well over 200 participants, including thelikes of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. The event drew friends and family, as well as lacrosse enthusiastsand supporters to the event. Cheryl Colleluori, president of The HEADStrong Foundation, said, “We are veryhumbled that people believe in us and that the lacrosse world has been so supportive. Nicholas is our inspirationand the lacrosse community is our encouragement.” Families inquiring about Nick’s House should send anemail to The HEADStrong FoundationThe HEADstrong Foundation was founded in memory of the late Nick Colleluori who passed away in2006 from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 21. During his 14-month battle with cancer, he devotedhis time to creating the foundation to help those who have been diagnosed with blood cancer and putan end to this horrible disease. To learn more about Nick and the HEADstrong Foundation, visit ###Note to Journalists: If you would like more information on this topic or would like to schedule an interview,please contact Cheryl Colleluori at or by calling 610-461-5987