Google Analytics vs. Omniture Comparative Guide


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Google Analytics Vs Omniture Comparative Guide is a clear way to differentiate between two available web analytics applications. This guide is based on the basic as well as complex features of both the platforms.

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Google Analytics vs. Omniture Comparative Guide

  1. 1. Google Analytics vs. Omniture The Selective GuideMay 30 2011 -
  2. 2. Money MattersMay 30 2011 -
  3. 3. Cost EffectivenessGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerGoogle Analytics is free for Omniture’s robust application Google Analytics is a truesites with up to 5 million page comes at a high price. Large winner in terms of costviews per month. corporations spend over effectiveness as it provides a $100K/yr for SiteCatalyst. lot of qualitative information at no cost. So no more BIG POCKETS required.May 30 2011 -
  4. 4. Goals CountMay 30 2011 -
  5. 5. Conversion TrackingGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerAdwords and Analytics can be Omniture uses the Google Analytics is a truedirectly linked, the conversion SearchCenter application to winner in terms of trackingtracking for PPC goals is free integrate PPC providers goals; however only 4 goalsand simple to setup. including Adwords for an maximum can be setup underConversions tracking on additional cost. Conversion a single Google AnalyticsGoogle can also group users tracking can be tedious and account. Omniture has nothat follow the same path on confusing in Omniture. such limits.the site before a conversion.May 30 2011 -
  6. 6. How To ReportMay 30 2011 -
  7. 7. Dashboard ReportsGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerCan email daily reports in Can email hourly reports in Omniture is a true winner inPDF, XML, CSV, and TSV. Excel, PDF, HTML & Word. terms of reporting as it givesLimits each user to one Larger reports can be slow reports tracking real timedefault dashboard/report per during high traffic periods. data. Reporting level in trulysite. deep in Omniture as compared to Google Analytics.May 30 2011 -
  8. 8. User AccessRestriction LevelMay 30 2011 -
  9. 9. Access ManagementGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerGoogle Analytics only allows Administrators can assign Omniture is a true winner intwo levels of access (read- access at many different terms of assigningonly or admin) and users levels and organize people management rights atmust have a Google account. into groups. Their contact different levels.No contact information is info is also retained instored on Analytics. SiteCatalystMay 30 2011 -
  10. 10. Overlay ToolsMay 30 2011 -
  11. 11. Site Overlay ToolsGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerGoogle’s site overlay Omniture offers ClickMap Google Analytics site overlayfeature (sometimes which is installed and run is best as compared to anyreferred to as “heatmap”) from the users’ computer to other site overlay techniquesruns through Google view content popularity of in the industry.servers. It allows the user the site elements within ato look at content page. Compatibility withpopularity data from any new browsers can also begiven date range over a 2 an issue.year period without anytime lag.May 30 2011 -
  12. 12. Import/Export DataMay 30 2011 -
  13. 13. Import/Export DataGoogle Analytics Omniture Winner- Analytics does not allow - Data can be imported Omniture data import/exportany data importing from various sources like delivers a lot in terms of- Tatvic Excel Plugin uses video usage and mobile performance. Hence nothe Analytics API to pull traffic. competition exists againstdata directly into Excel for - ExcelClient plugin allows Omniture.analysis. direct data export into Excel for analysis & custom-formatted reports.May 30 2011 -
  14. 14. Custom TrackingMay 30 2011 -
  15. 15. Custom Variable TrackingGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerGoogle Analytics has the SiteCatalyst allows the Omniture custom tracking isability to track only 5 user to track different types unbeatable. Where Googlecustom variables on any of variables to help Analytics limits itself to 5one page, which can be organize the traffic metrics custom variables; Omniturelimiting. The Custom link in multiple groups. Custom beats up each and everyand event tracking is events, and links can also boundary and offers a lot.comparable to Omniture. be tracked which are useful for tracking user actions that do not refresh the page.May 30 2011 -
  16. 16. Customer SupportMay 30 2011 -
  17. 17. Application SupportGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerNo guaranteed support Omniture has a 24 hour Omniture application supportfrom Google, but their support line and a is a true winner as customerforums are regularly complete online resource queries are handled in nomonitored and updated with common questions time. However Googlewith support information. and information about its Analytics support throughThere are also Google applications. They also use forums is a slow process andcertified consulting Twitter to answer support consumes a lot of time.companies that provide questions.supportMay 30 2011 -
  18. 18. Segmenting CorrelationsMay 30 2011 -
  19. 19. Segmenting SetupGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerVery flexible – allows for Each segment must be Google Analytics segmentcustom segments and is manually setup and all of setup is quite flexible andalready setup with many the data is not retroactive easy as compared tosegments allowing for unless setup using another Omniture.almost instantaneous Ominture product calledanalysis of correlated, DataWarehouse. This canretroactive data take up to 72 hours to process new reports.May 30 2011 -
  20. 20. Tag PerformanceMay 30 2011 -
  21. 21. Tracking Tag PerformanceGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerResponse time is very The response times varies Both Google Analytics andconsistent ensuring good slightly, but it doesn’t have Omniture are winner int hispage performance. a significant effect on page category. performanceMay 30 2011 -
  22. 22. Easy ConfigurationMay 30 2011 -
  23. 23. Code ConfigurationGoogle Analytics Omniture WinnerThe same tracking code is Customizable tracking Code implementation is quiteadded to each page the code is added to each easy in Google Analytics. Notuser wants to track on the page the user wants to much technical skills aresite. Google generates the track on the site. The required to implement thecode automatically, and configuration can be very code as compared tosetup is not very difficult to advanced and could Omniture codeunderstand. That’s not to require additional training, implementation.say that some skill isn’t but it gives the site ownerrequired to configure more options.conversion tracking.May 30 2011 -
  24. 24. True WinnerMay 30 2011 -
  25. 25. Share your Feedback Talk to me @ Reach me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter!/JimmyShout/May 30 2011 -