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How to sell more Products with your SHopify Store | Meetup #24


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At this 2 Hour Shopify Event we will be discussing

• November Events & Community Updates (15 Minutes)

• Shopify News - (15 Minutes)
A. Shopify Updates
B. Shopify Updates

• Shopify Sales Channels (30 Minutes)
A. Information about Sales Channels
B. How to Use Sales Channels

• Shopify Applications (45 Minutes)
A. This app will increase your average order value ! (Easy)
B. This app will help you get more sales ! (Medium)
C. This integration will help you add more products to your store (Advanced)

• Shopify Security (15 Minutes)
A. How to make your Shopify website more secure PART 2  (Easy)

• Shopify Questions & Answers (15 Minutes)

HOST - Jimmy Bearden (

EVENT WEBSITE - Ecommerce Tutor (

EVENT SPONSOR - Zenogram (

EVENT LOCATION - Innovation Depot (

We also cover a wide range of topics that including: Shopify Payments, Shopify Stores, Shopify Advertising, Shopify Marketing, Shopify Applications, Shopify Plus, Shopify Tutorial, Shopify Dropshipping, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google analytics, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Shopify Websites, Digital Advertising, CPA Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Instagram Marketing, Pay Per Click, PPC.

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