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Introducing The Window Channel Network for hospitality. Featuring custom branded HD video production and HD background programming for public areas and guest rooms in hotels, resorts, cruise ships and restaurants, The Window Channel NETWORK opens a window on a whole new world of guest satisfaction.

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The Window Channel NETWORK hospitality

  1. 1. Original Programming and Video Services for the Hospitality Industryopen up a windowon a whole new worldof guest satisfactionN E T W O R K
  2. 2. Welcome to The Window Channel Network—designed to stimulate the senses and documentthe natural wonders of our planet—from thecanals of Venice, to the Serengeti plains, tothe world’s rain forests.Produced by leading international film makers,The Window Channel Network’s original contentcreates captivating ambient programming,complete with the pure sounds of the naturalenvironment, as well as original music scores.Let your guests journey to unique and exoticlocations around the world—all to designedto increase guest satisfaction.We understand that the cost of providing high-quality amenities isever-increasing. However, one area that cannot be ‘value-engineered’is the overall guest experience.For literally just pennies a day, The Window Channel Network deliversrelaxing, entertaining and extremely cost-effective programming thatprovides immeasurable comfort and enjoyment for your guests.The Window Channel Network extends your Return-On-Investmentinto a Return-On-Experience for your guests.The Window Channel Network produces enhanced mood-setting videoexperiences for hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, lounges, kids clubs—any place where you need to create an engaging, entertaining andrelaxing environment for your guests. Our offerings bring added valueto your brand, and can also help you sell your product, boost incrementalrevenue and build brand loyalty.Our programming is offered in a multi-tiered structure, which means youlicense only what you need and you pay only for what you use. Furthermore,our pricing schedule provides a variety of flexible levels with no long-termcommitment or contract.You can create your own custom play list that best reflects your propertyneeds. For example, our Calm programming (Modules 1 and 2) is ideal forspas, Relax (Module 3) is perfect for unwinding in-room, Upbeat (Module 4)is great for engaging lounge environments, and Our World (Module 5) isappropriate for Kids Clubs and family entertainment.The Window Channel Network. Create an environment that’s tailored specificallyfor your guests and helps set a mood that will earn compliments to you andyour brand.where r.o.i. = r.o.e.Photocreditbillatkinson.comNETWORK
  3. 3. The Window Channel Network is an invaluable amenity that opens a window on a wholenew world of guest satisfaction. We travel the globe to bring the most stunning originalambient television to hotels, IP network providers and broadcasters, all captured with thelatest in HD video and audio technology.hd video in-house core product channel offering:Ventana Channel 30- to 60-minute specialty HD programs, and extra-long-play HD programs from 2-1/2 to 5 hoursNature Window 30- to 60-minute programs that bring nature photographyChannel to life in stunning HD video the window channel network’s product offerings are: • Created in conjunction with leading wellness professionals • Proven to help reduce intrusive outside guestroom noise levels • Designed to encourage healthy sleep habits • Providing hours of relaxing and entertaining enjoyment for your guests • Flexible in nature, with multiple channels delivered on-demand or as a linear channel • Cataloged by theme, tempo and locations • Comprised of original HD imagery exclusive to The Window Channel Networkcustom marketing support services:The Window Channel Network’s team of seasoned marketing and branding specialistscreate customized HD video products that support your brand and enhance and broadenyour marketing reach.Hello Channel A warm welcome for your guests every time they turn on the TVAway Channel Out-of-home video for online, in-flight, trade shows and mobile devicesTake Five Channel In-room video selling your amenities and services to your guestsTime Frames HD programs of still photos from The Window Channel Network’s own library of original photography Video + Photo Extraordinary high-quality video and photo production for your brand and propertyDigital signage Effective and creative digital signage to help elevate your brand, while providing helpful and insightful information for your guestsgive your guests the worldin High Definition.NETWORKPhotocreditTheWindowChannelNetwork
  4. 4. ventana module 1 (calm)The Ventana Module 1 series features postcard videos designed for meditation, relaxation and personal enjoyment,and also to help reduce outside noise intrusion. Ideal for spas, restaurants, public areas and in-room.ventana module 2 (relax)The Ventana Module 2 series features postcard videos with soothing sounds and relaxing images that reducenoise intrusion and encourage healthy sleep behavior. Ideal for spas, restaurants and in-room.The Ventana Module 3 series features postcard videos designed to be more visually stimulating, as well as engagingand entertaining, highlighting exciting destinations around the world. Ideal for lounges, public areas and in-room.ventana module 4 (engage)The Ventana Module 4 series features postcard videos that are more stimulating, creating engagingenvironments with upbeat visuals and intriguing natural sounds. Ideal for lounges, health clubs and in-room.The Ventana Module 5 series features postcard videos from all corners of the planet that are entertaining and experiential. Ideal forguestrooms, lounges, public spaces, kids clubs and anywhere you want to create a relaxing, ambient background.ventana module 5 (our world)New releaseNew releaseNew releaseTierra: The Planet.2.5 hours. Compilationincludes: Discovery,Exploration andExpedition.Entrada: Enter The World.5 hours. Compilationincludes: Zenergy,Symmetry, Unity, Vicinity,Harmony, Serenity,Heavenly, Tranquillity,Vitality and Sanctuary.extra long-playVentana’s Extra Long-Play series includes multiple Ventana programsdesigned to provide hours of relaxation and ambient background.Playa Azul: Beaches.3 hours. Compilationincludes, On the Beach,Rocky Beaches, Caribbeanand Aloha! Hawaii.ventana module 3 (upbeat)Included at no additional costwith all license agreements.bonus programs35 minutes. Developed inconjunction with StanfordHospital,Restful Rainencourages healthysleep habits.2 hours. Nature Trackfeatures the sounds ofnature in Dolby 5.1 sound,providing a relaxing andunique backgroundaudio environment. New releaseNew release New release New release AudioVisit for full program descriptions and video previews.ventana channelAvailable only from The Window Channel Network, enhance your guest experience and add value to yourbrand with the Ventana Channel. Offered in modules of specialty HD programs, each Ventana program is curatedto deliver a compilation of relaxing and engaging original presentations. The Ventana Channel features aseries of programming designed to enhance a wide variety of environments, including in-room, restaurants,lounges, spas and public areas, with flights that can be play listed to create your own unique video environment.ventana hospitality modules
  5. 5. living landscapes moduleThe Living Landscapes Module features stunning HD programs from around the globe. Ideal for relaxation,entertainment and enjoyment, these engaging HD postcard videos are enhanced with original music scores.beautiful places moduletropicale moduleamericana moduleThe Beautiful Places Module lets your guests experience some of the most stunning scenery our planet has to offer.Programs feature spectacular destination and theme programming ideal for relaxation, meditation and entertainment.The Tropicale Module lets your guests travel to some of the world’s most exotic, faraway destinations. Mother naturewill relax and engage your guests and transport them away from the stress, noise and clutter of everyday life.The Americana Module features spectacular and awe-inspiring locations, from the colors of fall in New Englandand the sacred canyons of the southwest to the spectacular California coast and its majestic redwood forests.Visit for full program descriptions and video previews.The Nature Window Channel brings the beauty of nature to life right into your property. ThisHD video collection showcases the inspirational beauty of nature with all of its natural sounds,as well as relaxing music from award-winning musicians.nature window channelnature window modulesLiving landscapes that bring nature photography to life.
  6. 6. customized marketing servicesProperty Still and Video ShootsThe Window Channel Network has more than20 years experience photographing some ofthe world’s most desirable hotel and resorts.Reduce the incidences of disrupting yourguests and save travel and set-up costs frommultiple productions by scheduling acombination video and still photo shoot.For more than 20 years, The Window Channel Network’s team of award-winning film makers and brandingspecialists have created original HD video, photography and photo styling for hotels, resorts, cruise shipsand corporate customers. Both global brands and independent flags have benefited from The WindowChannel Network’s in-depth knowledge and experience in maintaining brand compliance and providingsome of the most effective hospitality marketing support services available.Hello ChannelIn-Room Welcome Custom HD welcome video created foryour brand and property. Using selectedWindow Channel Network clips andproperty-specific images, we’ll create aone-of-a-kind warm welcome for yourguests every time they turn on the TV.Take Five ChannelIn-Room Sales VideoThe Window Channel Network’s customTake Five in-room sales videos help sellyour property’s unique amenitiesand services.Away ChannelOut-of-Home Promotional VideoOriginal promotional videos that helpsell your property’s unique amenitiesand services in out-of-home markets.Using The Window Channel Network’soriginal design aesthetic, the AwayChannel is designed for online,mobile devices, in-flight, broadcastand trade shows.Digital Signage The Window Channel Networkprovides high-quality digital signageproduction services and deliverables.Our library is well-suited for digitalsignage in portrait and landscapeformats, in clip lengths from30-seconds to 5 minutes.Relaxing images are ideal forinterstitials, as well as moodenhancers for your public areas.Time FramesAmbient BackgroundsTime Frames feature a variety of original stillphotography offering a unique perspective onthe world. Created to simulate an HDambient video experience, Time Framesprovide hours of relaxation and ambientbackground­s. Ideal for installations withlimited hard drive storage capacity.NETWORKVisit for full program descriptions and video previews.
  7. 7. Relax@WindowChannelHospitality.comWindowChannelHospitality.comenhanced guest satisfaction.® 2013 The Window Channel Network, Inc.NETWORK