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  1. 1. To find the MJP’s nearest to you, call today: 1-660-886-0672 . V-KOOL is being used on many well known commercial buildings, including government buildings. See our brochures for specifics. V-KOOL is Your Ultimate Sun Barrier The sun’s infrared heat streaming through windows can cause inside temperatures to climb, driving up air conditioning costs. But untilrecently, there were only a few, limited ways you could deal with this heat problem.
 Retail establishments and commercial buildings couldapply dark tints or reflective window coatings. Unfortunately, for retailers, tints and reflective coatings significantly reduce visibility from theoutside. As a result, window displays and furnishings lose their impact, so potential customers don’t see them at their best—or in some casesat all. On commercial buildings, tints and reflective coatings affect the appearance of the building, detracting from its architectural integrity.
Finally, there’s a real solution—a product that actually solves the visibility and appearance problem while significantly reducing solar heatbuild up. Block the Heat without Losing the Light No other product can compare to V-KOOL’s performance. When applied to your windows, V-KOOL forms a SPF 200+ Independent testing at the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) have shown that V-KOOL coatings provideoccupants with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of over 200. Considering that your average sunblock has only an SPF of 30, you can now driveand ride knowing you’veAnd because it is not a tint, V-KOOL does not hinder your ability to see out at night. Energy Star Building Ally Investing in V-KOOL technology is also investing in the environment. Through significant energy conservation, V-KOOL technology contribute
  3. 3. V-KOOL Product LineNFRC CertificationNFRC is a non-profit organization organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energyperformance of windows, doors, skylights, and attachment products. V-KOOL, through Southwall Technologies, has had certain V-KOOL films certified by the NFRC.Premium FilmsV-KOOL 70VK70 offers the best balance between heat rejection and daylight transmission. VK70 will allow 70% of the light to transmit whilerejecting 55% of the heat. It is virtually clear and will maintain the architectural integrityV-KOOL 55VK 55 was developed to meet the IEC of .40 SHGC. This product has solar properties in between V-KOOL 70 and V-KOOL 40.V-KOOL 40VK40 is the solution when you are trying to reduce some glare while maximizing your heat control. VK40 will allow 43% lighttransmission while rejecting 65% of the heat.Other Enhanced FilmsV-KOOL 75VK75 will give you the highest light transmission, but has less solar heat rejection than VK70.V-KOOL 65VK65 offers comparable heat rejection to VK75 with slightly less light transmission.V-KOOl LT FilmsWe offer a few conventional films for applications where glare and budget are an issue. Please call for details on these products.
  5. 5. SPECIFICATIONS Specs on Visible Light Total Heat Visible Light 1/8”Glass Transmittance UV Rejection REFLECTED ReflectanceClear Glass 89.9% 99% 13.9 8.3%Clear GlassWith V-KOOL75 77%% 99% 45% 9.5%Clear GlassWith V-KOOL70 70% 99% 55% 8%Clear GlassWith V-KOOL65 66% 99% 49% 11%Clear GlassWith V-KOOL55 58% 99% 59% 7.5%Clear GlassWith V-KOOL40 42% 99% 64.53% 10.3%Clear Glasswith V-KOOL8ml Secure 70% 99% 55% 8%
  6. 6. Surprisingly, the Smartest People say“With V-KOOL they get what they pay for.” HOME OWNERS PRIVATE & UNITED STATES Hey Big COMMERCIA AIR FORCE L Spender! PLANES COMMERCIA & L PROPERTY MANAGEMEN
  7. 7. Some of the Hottest Awards given to CUTTING Interior Damage by V-Kool Tint !OUT 97% OF U.V. Rays EXCESSEIV E SUN DECREASE D Todays Facility Manager (TFM), 2003 Readers Choice Awards, Window Film DECREASED Category, USA
V-KOOL was voted as DEPRECIATION one of the winners in Todays Facility Manager (TFM), 2003 Readers Choice Awards, in the Window Film category. Over 7,500 readers were asked in an independent, online survey conducted by, to select theirBE SMART preferred vendors. TFM readers selected 112 winners in 56 product and service categories including interior“V-KOOL” furnishings, lighting, security, safety, software, FM services, and building materials. GET IT !
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY It takes a Breakthrough for people to finally see CLEARLY The V- KOOL® Spectrally Selective Technology was built upon research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1970s , when it started out humbly as a transparent energy conservation film. A significant breakthrough in Surface and Particle Science later led to the development of this V-KOOL’s patented and proprietary technology and subsequently the spectrally selective coatings Being the worlds first and only spectrally selective window coating that provides a virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation for automotive and architectural applications, V-KOOL stormed the window film industry, and in 1999, it was voted by the world largest Science and Technology Magazine, Popular Science, as one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium, alongside other inventions such as the computer, canned food, the Internet, air- conditioning system and telephone, marking international recognition of the product.” Unlike conventional solar control materials which absorb and re-radiate heat, V-KOOL combines high performance solar control with high visible light transmission. Our “intelligent” windowcoating allows over 70% light transmission, and blocks out 94% and 99% infra-red and ultra-violet raysrespectively, without impeding clarity and visibility, day or night.These intelligent spectrally selective coatings are now marketed under V-KOOL Solitaire and Stature.MJP’s V-KOOL is Making It Happen
Our films are manufactured at Southwall Technologies plant at Dresden,Germany, tapping on a complex sputter-metallized, multi-layered dielectric coating process. This processinvolves the use of the State-of-the-Art Multi-chamber DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine, which cost aninvestment of USD24million each. With these, multi-layers of metallic coatings of thickness even less than ahairline are embedded onto the world’s top 1% grade of optically-clear and durable polyester film. ENHANCINING YOUR VISION CUTTING OUT HEAT & DAMAGING UV RAYS
  9. 9. MJP’s V-KOOL OFFERS: How to Cut HVAC Operating Costs Using Spectrally Selective Applied Window Film 
Solar heat gain through south and west facing windows is a seriousproblem for apartment facilities in Orange County. Many properties experience costly overheating problems. Nation wide, uncontrolled heat gain is one ofthe most significant factors in decreased tenant retention. 
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

 How Applied Window Film Protects Against Heat DamagedMerchandise & High AC Costs 
Solar heat gain through south and west facing windows is a serious problem for convenience stores even in winter. Heatis already being generated by equipment, lighting, staff and customers. Large expanses of glass raise temperatures and air conditioning bills.
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 

 How Applied Window Film Can Enhance the Aesthetics, Energy Performance and Safety of Building Design 
Renovationof a buildings exterior glass does more than improve the aesthetics, energy performance and safety of existing curtainwall. The viability of a buildingsinterior design is often enhanced by renovation of exterior windows resulting in increases in the productivity, comfort and morale of building occupants.
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 

 Applied Window Film Isnt Just for Heat Control Anymore 
Until recently few retailers thought about applied window filmunless solar heat gain through east, south and west facing windows damaged merchandise and raised indoor temperatures to the boiling point. Truthis, advanced applied window film not only blocks solar heat but can successfully deal with numerous environmental problems in shopping centers withlarge amounts of glass. 
Sunday, January 1, 2006 

 Clear V-Kool Window Film Blocks Solar Heat Better Than Tinted Films 
With electric powerblackouts and soaring electricity costs predicted for the summer of 2001, Californians looking for ways to reduce energy will find V-KOOL applied windowfilm for use on existing glass a proven tool in cooling off temperatures and the cost of air conditioning. 
Thursday, March 1, 2001 

 V-KOOL AppliedWindow Film Reduces Solar Heat, Increases Employee Comfort at Montgomery Ward Corp. 
The 30 year old all glass building, a Chicagolandmark, experienced excessive solar heat through existing windows. Even in winter uncomfortably hot temperatures impeded employee productivityand prevented fully using otherwise optimal floor space. 
Friday, January 5, 2001 

 V-KOOL Protects Fabrics From Fading WithoutDarkening Windows at Calico Corners Stores 
Calico Corners solution to UV is V-KOOL, a clear applied window film thatblocks UV and solar heat without significantly reducing visible light. Approximately 600 square feet of V-KOOL has beeninstalled in each participating Calico Cornersâ store. "We could have cut down on UV and heat by using a dark reflectivefilm, but that would have prevented people from clearly seeing fabrics on display in our store windows," says Ms. Finn. "Usingour windows to display our fabrics helps increase customer interest." 
Monday, September 18, 2000