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Junior paper good one

  1. 1. Jimenez 1 Have you see the movie, "The Big Miracle"? This movie is about rescue ting gray whalestrapped in ice near Point Barrow, Alaska. It deals with ecology, the way that living organismsinteract with their environment; population dynamics; changes in the size and age composition ofpopulations, and the biological and environmental processes, and animal behavior; the wild andwonderful ways in which animals interact with each other. People need to take better care of allliving organisms on earth; therefore we need wildlife biologist as leaders. The habitats have declined over the years due to over development by man. Coastal andintertidal habitat are also being damaged or destroyed by human such as building houses, parksor for commercial buildings. During the interview with Ms. Patterson she agreed that humans aredestroying animals habitat by building homes, malls and even making more cropland.(Interview)As human development continues to increase, animal populationsdecrease.There are many kind of habitats; the ocean, polar land, forests and deserts. Also “Thereare many kinds of marine living things in the ocean such as starfish, dolphins, turtles, seacucumbers and hundreds of different kind of fish"(American). One way men have damage habitsare by Oil spills. Oil spills are distorting the ocean life because the oil sticks to animals andplants. Then the animals eat the plants which are poison by the oil. (Smithyman) Another waypeople are destroying animals habitats is when people throw trash and chemicals into the ocean,these things make a naturaldisbalance of ocean habitats.These causes the animals to choke whenthey eat the trash that throw into the ocean, garbage bags can cause asphyxiation to theanimal.Habitats destruction caused by the loss of forest is usually related to human population.“There is recent evidence that state that climate is having effect on the ecology” (American). As
  2. 2. climate patterns continue to change many species will be forced to find new habitats. Globalwarming is Jimenez 2a big problem in today’s world and it’s hindering the quality of life for every species. Globalwarming is one of the most serious problems that people are facingall over the world h.It canaffects their habitats and environments However, many people may not realize that globalwarming can also affects animals as it does to human. “Global warming can be a big threat tothe oceans because it causes thetemperature to rise as well as the sea level”.(Smithyman).Allhumans should help protect animals from global warming because global warming destroysanimals’ habitats, decreases food supplies, and causes a decrease in lifespan. Due to this causesanimal habitats are being destructed. As the human population increases the animal population decreases .This situation canbecome dangerous for animals and humans. For example; "In Florida and Louisiana the blackbear are experiencing conflicts with humans because humans are invading their habitats“(American). Animals are also facing the danger of extinction because of the way humansdisregard care of the environment. Humans are killing animals and their habitats which causesanimal extinction. Deforestation deprives the animals living in their habitats with their shelterand their food. Several species have become extinct cause of natural disasters. Such as the giantpanda bear that is in danger of extinction in China. There might have been a change in theclimate, and the plants or animals on which the species lived could have died out because of thechange in the weather. Animal species have become extinct because of hunting, pollution, or thedestruction of the places where they live. If the forests go, then many species would die. “We
  3. 3. advocated the US Forest Service Planning Rule” to protect water, and wildlife” (American). Dueto the way we take care of our environment animals population has decreased over the years. Jimenez 3 Animals behavior is when animals interact with each other’s, and with the environmentto survive. Animals have to hunt for food and they can be a hunter or the hunted such as the elkand the grizzly bear. Animals do things so they do not get eaten. Some animals develop defensemechanisms like turtle and its hard shell or the hedgehog that has sharp quills. Another defensemechanism used by animals to survive is camouflage. "Camouflage is a set of colorings ormarkings on animals that help it to blend with its surroundings and increase it chance forsurvival"(M&M). Lastly another mechanismanimals use are yucky taste which is on their bodiesor on their poisonous mucus coating. Animals that have this poisonous are slammers and certaintypes of frogs. Animals behave is everything they do or how they development with otherspecies in their environment. For example, fishes. The male will protect its territory; if they seethe red belly of another fish they would become aggressive. Animal relationship between anotherspecies and their environment are varied or complex. Because there is some species that dependson others, they feed on another organism to survive. Such as lions hunts zebras. Animalsinteracts between species can benefit or harm that one species causes the other. Most like itanimals avoid predators by using defense on their bodies. For example: the quills of a porcupineand the shell of a turtle. This types of animals are protected not be eaten by another animal in Wildlife biologists should act like leaders so people can take better care of all livingorganisms on earth. Some of the causes that are affecting animals are; habitats disappearing overdevelopment of man,as the human population increases the animal population decreases,and
  4. 4. animals avoiding predators.We should take care of the world because we are living in it. It’smean to be cruel to animals because they are also living things and are a part of this world. Weshould speak up for animals and stand up for them. Our lives are better when we care of the lifearound us. “Understand that just like humans animals have needs. Understand that all animals areinterconnected and when species die out they can have a negative consequence on the food web”(Interview).