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bellfem + fedco


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bellfem + fedco

  2. 2. In general our company produces massager for women of different ages.
  3. 3.  They are objects that allow to keep the skin relaxed, hydrous and free from impurities, contributing to the environment because the product elaboration not presents impact in the environment. These objects offer the possibility to have all a spa in the house and without having to go out you will feel as new at any time of the day. The massagers finding in the page web of Internet officer or in page web related to beauty. The price lead on-line is $30.000 shipment costs $15.000 And in points of sale authorized Where one can find all the variety of products by a value of $30.000 Marketing:
  4. 4. Web page Direct outlets • When buying by the page web of Internet the customer will remain automatically enrolled in our list of frequent customers to obtain discounts and rewards. • If the purchase is significant the customer will receive a session with all the massagers. • We give our products in special pack. • The customer won´t have to go out from his home to obtain the product. • The shipment expenses are Not charged and for this is most economic . • when going until the warehouse will be able to find out about all our offers and participate by rewards. • Women specialized in the topic they will be able to offer consultancies and give for the skin several advices. •If the purchase is significant at that same moment the customer will give a session of massages with all the product line.
  5. 5.  Bellfem company is interesting for buying the franchise of Fedco Fedco was born in 1980 in Barranquilla as a small shop with imported products in general use and fragrance. In 1990, the company reorganized Fedco administrative level, professionalized its operations and began opening stores in intermediate cities, transforming it with hard work and dedication in leading national brand, imported products. Fedco currently has 36 exclusive stores in 12 major cities in Colombia: Barranquilla (2), Bogotá (17), Medellín (5), Cali (3), Cartagena (2), Bucaramanga, Pereira Manizales Ibagué Villavicencio Santa Marta Cúcuta
  6. 6. • Fedco has a presence in Caracas on one of the largest malls in the Venezuelan capital. • Sells products imported from the United States, Europe and Latin America, acting as exclusive distributor and representative of major multinational companies and supermarkets. • Fedco offers relaxing treatments, facials, body treatments and beauty salons.
  7. 7. Has different product lines: Men Babies Women Make up, hair, fragrances, body treatments, slimming, cellulite, sunscreen, moisturizing cream. !Here is a great business opportunity to distribute objects of beauty and yet our massagers Bellfem with relaxation services included!
  8. 8.  We have a capital of 28 million  In the city are strategic points of sales and services, but the Hacienda Santa Barbara mall requires a point of Fedco  We need approximately 10 glass showcases, 4 counters, 5 seats and 6 storage containers  Total price fluctuates in a range between 30 and 35 million
  9. 9. Contacts with suppliers are more prevalent are :