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Activities 9 10 11 12 13


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Activities 9 10 11 12 13

  1. 1. Activities weeks: 9- 10- 11- 12- 13
  2. 2. Week 9  Do some research into sales trends in a particular market in your country 0 20 40 60 80 40% 25% 15% 12% 8% Trend yogurt sales in Colombia by brand Trend yogurt sales in Colombia by brand
  3. 3. In the previous survey Respondent number: 200 people from different parts of the country. The best-selling yogurt according to some surveys, is the Alpina because 40% of people prefer it. The other brands continue to compete with new products or best presentation to attract the attention of customers. But still the favorite is Alpina. Alpina sells high- quality dairy products, and by tradition, good presentation and innovative products for children and adults, is the brand that most yogurts sold in the market. Report
  4. 4. Week 10  Write an e-mail complaining about a service November 10th Email directed to: Customer service Good morning I requested an order of the MacBook pro laptop on October 30th , the adviser online told me that the order should be sent out on November 3rd , but still I haven´t received. I wonder if the order was sent and it will be received in this week, because if I do not get my laptop this week, I prefer that they are make the refund and buy it in a store with faster dispatch or if the problem is with the dispatch please verify data. however my order number is: 00108936 and the reference computer is mcbkpro48393 Please inform me ASAP Jimena Olarte Ramirez
  5. 5. Week 11 Write pros and cons of selling and buying on the internet PROS  Easy, because they don´t have to go to the store (customer) or house (seller)  Payment by credit card  The product comes to the door of the house (Customer) or the product is sent for dispatch companies at low cost (seller) CONS  The product may not arrive on the date established  The online payment may have technical problem  The product may arrive with defects or without some parts and the return takes longer time  Additional pay the cost of dispatch the product
  6. 6.  Read and write a paragraph giving your opinion about the article: Information And Advice On Business Home Internet Marketing Opportunity The article is very good because it encourages people to sell products online, and the people have an easy job or the opportunity for the increase their business. The Internet is a good option because you work from home with flexible hours and ability to attract customers from all over the world. Article showing the benefits of online business, helps guide people who are interested in starting…
  7. 7. Week 12  Solve team project 3 The project about the costumer report and franchise opportunity is in other presentation in the blog
  8. 8. Week 13 1 2 4 3 5 6 D B A C E F
  9. 9. CROSSWORD CLUES DOWN • A Symbol designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type • B Logotype+ graphic, identifying a product, officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner or manufacturer. • C Ultimate and exclusive right to occupy, possess or sell an item of property. • D A person, company, or other entity which buys goods and services produced by another person, company, or other entity • E adv. During the present time; now. • F Privilege given a dealer by a manufacturer to sell the products or services in a given area, with or without exclusivity. ACROSS • 1 Synonym of producer or maker • 2 Commercial, industrial, or professional dealings • 3 Synonyms of evolution or progress • 4 adj . familiar, famous… Antonyms: unfamiliar, unknown 5 Position relative to that of others; standing, high standing. • 6 One's name as written by oneself. The act of signing one's name.
  10. 10.  Read and write a paragraph giving your opinion about the article: Debt Consolidation Service Or File Bankruptcy? The article is good because it advises people that owed to some entities and can not afford, about debt consolidation, for not Bankruptcy. With debt consolidation, banks that lend money, provide benefits such as lowering the interest and extend the deadline to pay, then this is a good option! The article focuses on the financial issue of debt for those who are living, and also for those who can get to live it this situation .