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My Portfolio 2016-2018 by Jimena Canales


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My updated portfolio of the last years. I invite you to check out my journey.

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My Portfolio 2016-2018 by Jimena Canales

  1. 1. Portfolio 2016 - 2018 Jimena Canales Solari
  2. 2. About me My name is Jimena Canales Solari, I am peruvian and I have lived in Barcelona the past 3 years. There, I studied a Master in Project Management and a Master in Business Research. I also worked in a consultancy company for our client AXA (a worldwide insurance company). That work experience gave me unique and valuable insights about both, how an international organization works, and about myself. Those findings and other motivations led me to the projects I have been working on over the last 2 years. Want to take a look to my “rollerblade” route?
  3. 3. The starting point: Fórmulalternativa - 2016 I have always liked writing about my interests and fields of knowledge, and after doing that in a personal way, somebody encouraged me to start my own blog. I called it Fórmulalternativa and the purpose is to share concepts for teams and organizations which want to transform and excel in what they do. In order to achieve this, I propose with them to work focused on: agile methodologies, user experience and innovation. I take a lot of care and dedication with my articles. I want to be clear and concise for professionals working in the subject matter, but also understandable for everyone else.
  4. 4. Scrum framework in Tecsup Virtual - 2017 Tecsup Virtual produces online training courses, ranging from engineering to industrial processes. The team is made up of specialists in the design, and production of educational content. I provided them with assessment and trained them in the adoption of an agile approach with Scrum framework. The challenge: Transform the team’s mindset in order to put clients and users’ needs firsts, and work in a more collaborative and productive way.
  5. 5. Scrum Workshop for CIDE - 2017 CIDE - Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo Emprendedor - is part of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. They provide education and services to entrepreneurs, as well as other professionals, in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. For CIDE, I taught and guided a full class on how to work with Scrum framework. The challenge: Create a learning experience based on challenges as the attendants were from different backgrounds and profiles.
  6. 6. FAB LAB Lima - 2017 Fab Lab Lima is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the state of art of digital fabrication. They do research and application projects in their field, and collaborate with different institutions: public and private, national and international, research centers, etc. I am part of Fab Lab Lima. I have represented them in a radio interview and my most recent workshop for them was “Products and Services focused on People”. The challenge: Introduce and develop the lines of agile projects and user experience in the initiatives they held, integrating their different actors.
  7. 7. Mentoring in Perú D - 2017 Perú D is a non-profit organization which connects public, private sector, society and academia to benefit together from the digital economy. I worked as a volunteer mentor for development teams in their first national hackathon. The challenge: Understand the projects and team’s solution to coach them in the agile development and presentation of their proposal based on innovation, technology and scalability.
  8. 8. It has been a very interesting route and it is still on...
  9. 9. Scrum in Sunat with the HR team - 2018 Sunat is the state entity in charge of the tax and aduanas administration in Peru. I am currently working with the HR team to implement agile methodologies and scrum framework to improve the management and execution of the HR IT projects. The challenge: Align the interests of different stakeholders required for the IT projects’ development and execute the best strategy to implement the new framework in the HR department.
  10. 10. Now, you know more about what I do... And that I am specialized in agile methodologies and Scrum. However, what I want you to know is, when going into this new path I began with little steps only to go for bigger and faster ones every time. Just like when we learn how to rollerblade. Hope to see you along the way and we both share a fulfilling experience together! Jimena