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No more “cowboy coding”

  1. No more “Cowboy Coding” A Best Practices Guide to Local Development & Migration all disney images used without permission so don’t sue me
  2. How many of you have done THIS?
  3. Or This? (without a backup)
  4. Or This?
  5. Well, That’s Cowboy Coding! And we don’t take KINDLY to those kinda SHENANIGANS! (and neither do your clients)
  6. Tonight, we’ll talk about the Importance of: ✘Regular Backups (Even Better in the CLOUD!) ✘Local Development FIRST ✘Understanding the WordPress Database & File Structure ✘Version Control Process (& why it’s so important) ✘Migrating a LIVE Website from Local (without losing your head)
  7. BACKUPS MINIMUM: Copy your file before editing or replacing into a backup directory BETTER: Use Cloud Connected Storage ✘OFFSITE ✘Sync’d on all your devices (even your phone) ✘RESTORE History! (Easy to get back to prior version) GREAT for Graphic Files, Project Documents
  8. LOCAL DEV Web Server running WordPress w/ MySQL Database on your LOCAL machine Why? Gives you a Safety Net ✘Test things (and break things) w/o hurting anyone ✘Test Plugins and Themes ✘Learn the WordPress Database ✘Great for Client Demos
  9. LOCAL DEV ServerPress’s DesktopServer (Works on Mac or Windows) Automates the WAmP/MAMP Stack (whatever that means) FREE (up to 3 local websites)
  10. LOCAL DEV Vagrants VVV (or Varying Vagrant Vagrants) Works on ALL OS’s (with some work) (Requires VirtualBox & Vagrant) Creates Virtual Machines all within your desktop (more console based) FREE but Complicated Getting Started Walkthrough: includes VV List, a VVV Site Wizard
  11. Learn WordPress Database Two really good resources to learn the structure of where your files are stored; necessary when you’re doing migrations: Tour of the WordPress Database: Tour of the MultiSite WordPress Database: Learning phpMyAdmin & WordPress:
  12. Learn WordPress File Structure Specifically WP_CONTENT All your primary files for your WordPress installation are in that directory: /themes/ - all your theme files, active or not /plugins/ - all your plugins, active or not /uploads/ - All the Media files Site Configuration in wp_config.php
  13. MIGRATIONS The File & Database are important, because MINIMUM to copy a WordPress site: wp_content wp_config.php (configured to connect to DB on new Server) MySQLDUMP file imported into that Database
  14. MIGRATIONS Automated Tools for Migrations: BackupBuddy by iThemes Handles initial Migration, not sure about ‘changes’
  15. MIGRATIONS WP Migrate DB & WP Migrate DB Pro by Delicious Brains Handles all Data migrations with a PUSH/PULL technology VERY Powerful!
  16. WP Migrate DB Pro Local REMOTE Can also handle MEDIA files and new version can handle MultiSite (subsites to single install & back)
  17. Version Control with GIT Incredibly powerful, but sometimes Incredibly complicated tool that can save your life (and the life of your project), if you know how to use it. LUCKILY….
  18. Git Tools ✘GitHub Desktop (Mac & Windows) ✘BitBucket / SourceTree (Mac & Windows) ✘Tower for Git (paid, Mac Only) ✘Additional Tutorials: 755338051.html
  19. Perfect Team With GIT for Version control of my theme stuff and WP Migrate DB Pro to keep my Data in sync the Cloud for my Graphic Files and Local Development with Vagrant, I’m safe & effective
  20. Who Am I? Jim True, @jimtrue Support Lead & Community Manager @podsframework
  21. Special Thanks to: Iron Yard Tampa St Pete Campus Campus Director, Toni Aliberti @theironyard Thanks for hosting us every other 1st Thursday of the Month Tampa Bay WordPress & WordCamp Tampa WordCamp Tampa 9/10-11 USF Marshall Student Center WordPress Meetups: Slack Chat: