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Turtles Can Do Math, and So Can You!


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Slide deck from hands-on workshops introducing elementary teachers to the Turtle Art software.

Published in: Education
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Turtles Can Do Math, and So Can You!

  1. 1. Jim Tiffin Jr.Director of Academic Technology The Harley School
  2. 2. Saying Hello to an Old Friend• Text-based graphical programming language
  3. 3. The Turtle’s 21st Century Look• Block-based graphical programming language
  4. 4. Only a Few Basics• Helpful hints to save some frustrations
  5. 5. Explore, Experiment, Enjoy!• Learn like a you were a kid again! Just try it out and see what you discover!
  6. 6. Some Examples from My Classes• Patterns• Subroutines• Recursion• Rainbow Tornados!
  7. 7. Your Turn!• Create some of your own artwork using TurtleArt – Save your files using SAVE  SAVE IMAGE… • This makes your code part of the image – Email your picture to to make it part of our workshop gallery!! – The subject line becomes the title of your artwork… and all good artists title their work  (Images will be licensed CC-BY so others may use them)
  8. 8. Reflections and Questions• What do you think? – What could this do for your students?• What questions do you have?
  9. 9. Thank you!• Lots of resources, and the workshop gallery, can be found at: (please take time to fill out the feedback survey at the bottom as well…)