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An example of a Sweet 'Strategic Planning' one-day Workshop. Do get in touch re your own requirements and we will be please to discuss your organisations needs with you.

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  • Well Greg that's a very good point. My thinking when I designed this particular one-day workshop was that I did not want the senior staff team to be constrained by their existing vision + mission statements when doing the 'Dream Time' exercise in the morning.
    I've found that teams (in small - medium sized not for profit organisations with whom I work) can find developing their vision + mission statements at the start of the day to be exhausting for them and leave them with less energy for the remainder of the workshop. So, using the Dreamtime (when they close their eyes, I darken the room and read them a relaxing vision of them viewing their own organisation in 3 years time) is a more gentle way of seeing and then sharing their views of the future.
    Of course, the timetable is only a suggested one and it would be shared with the team/CEO for comments, alterations and input prior to the workshop itself.
    Thanks for your comments - it's good to make me think!
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  • Jim,
    Thanks for sharing this program. I'm curious...Why do you put the review of mission/vision as the final element of the workshop? My inclination would have been to make that first... just curious.
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'Strategic Planning' Workshop ~ Sweet TLC Ltd

  1. 1. Your Logo Your Organisation’s Name Strategic Planning Day – xx /xx/ 2010 Sweet TLC Ltd
  2. 2. Aim of the day For the Senior Management Team and Board Members to identify an agreed strategy and vision for the next three years (2010-13) Objectives (i) Identify and celebrate achievements to date and identify status of existing goals/objectives to be taken forward. (ii) Explore market opportunities (iii) Agree business development focus/goals for 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 (iv) Draw up list of agreed SMART action points and prioritise them along an agreed timeline (v) Identify costings to enable goal achievement (vi) Review your Vision and Mission statements Attendee Position Jim McNeill Facilitator (Sweet TLC Ltd) Sweet TLC Ltd ~ info@sweet-tlc.co.uk Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. Timetable ~ Strategic Planning Day 9.30 Welcome 9.35 “What I love about working for xxxxxxxxxxxxx” 9.50 10 Challenges facing managers in the Charitable Sector 10.00 Our senior management team – how we work now & how we want to work (Tuckman-based exercise) 10.20 Change Matrix: Reflecting on achievements to date & Identifying unfinished business: Strategic Aims status Objectives status 11.00 COFFEE 11.15 SWOT exercise (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) 11.35 Dream time…. “Its 2013…. “ o Share individual dreams o Individually write/draw/doodle individual thoughts: What does 2013 look like to you? Key events 2010-13. o Share dreams & agree what 2013 will look like for AI o Develop our timeline o Identify costings for goals to be achieved 12.45 LUNCH 1.30 Set specific Business Development Goals for 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-12 (using the timeline created) and make them SMART (Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Realistic / Timebound) 2.30 Revisit Change Matrix/Strategic Goals in light of above 2.45 BREAK 3.00 Our (i) Mission Statement (ii) Vision Statement ~ revisit, review and update 4.00 Pulling it all together and agreeing our next steps 4.25 Evaluation 4.30 Close Sweet TLC Ltd ~ info@sweet-tlc.co.uk Page 3 of 3