Sweet TLC Ltd ~ 'Fundraising Strategy' Workshop - an example


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An example of a Sweet 'Fundraising Strategy' Workshop. Do get in touch re your own requirements and we will be please to discuss your organisations needs with you.

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Sweet TLC Ltd ~ 'Fundraising Strategy' Workshop - an example

  1. 1. Not-for-Profit Organisations One-day fundraising strategy workshop Date: TBC Time: TBC Venue: TBC Attendees: Senior Staff Team and Board members The planned outcomes from the workshop are:  Determine our fundraising strategy for 2010-2013  For the team to work through and understand the process of determining strategy and to know and use different tools and techniques to apply as part of the organisation’s ongoing strategic development  For the team to have the outline of a strategic fundraising plan to finalise into a comprehensive and written plan to work to. The key areas of focus:  Understanding the current climate for grant opportunities  Being able to balance the needs ofxxxx against the different grant requirements  Understanding the current climate for generating unrestricted funds  Having tools to assess the robustness/viability of generating unrestricted funds  Understanding the need for planning and the steps to take before developing a detailed strategy including a review of the organisation’s mission, vision and values  Being able to make good use of marketing and branding tools  Knowing what to do next if an application has been successful and when it hasn’t Agenda 1. Introductions & Icebreaker 2. Identify funding opportunities & threats over 2010-13 (Grants, Donations, Sponsorship) 3. Identify what is meant by Restricted & Unrestricted Funds 4. Identify the need for a Reserves Fund and Reserves Policy 5. Identify the mix of income (restricted & unrestricted) required to run xxxxxxxxxx for each year (2010-11/2011-12/2012-13) to: a. Cover basic core costs b. Produce a basic service (which will satisfy existing outputs and targets) c. Produce our ideal service (which meets all the goals in our 3-year strategic plan) d. Build up a reserves fund 6. Reality Check: • Create a short-list & a long-list (rate for robustness + with brief rationale) of funders for 2010-11/2011-12/2012-13 • Create a short-list & a long-list (rate for robustness + with brief rationale) of donors & sponsors for 2010-11/2011-12/2012-13 7. Agree how Staff and Board will ensure that the Marketing Strategy and Fundraising Strategy are linked. 8. Agree role, procedures and protocols to be adopted by the Board and Staff to ensure that annual operational financial targets (applications and income to meet 3. a-d above) are agreed, set, met, recorded and monitored. Sweet TLC Ltd ~ info@sweet-tlc.co.uk