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Top 10 Ways - nv


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New technology has opened up exciting opportunities to reach a very wide audience and provide content to them that truly engages. Think more like tv and less like video conferencing or (shudder) device streaming. It's time to truly engage your audience with an approach that will keep your audience around while also providing you with a live tv channel for sponsorship opportunities. Nice...

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Top 10 Ways - nv

  1. 1. Introduction Many organizations are integrating live streaming into their major events. Keynote speeches, ted talks, demonstrations, etc., can all be broadcast to a worldwide audience, expanding their reach in ways not fathomable several years ago. While streaming major presentations is probably the prime application, it is far from the only one. Advancements in technology make it possible for a myriad of applications and features that were once reserved only for major broadcast networks. Here’s our Top 10:
  2. 2. Local Broadcast Organizations can easily distribute their live broadcast to monitors and even large event-type displays, throughout the event itself, insuring that everyone can catch a glimpse of what’s happening. Attendees are more connected and presenters capture a larger audience whether it’s viewed on a phone, an exhibit hall monitor, or a laptop in their hotel room.
  3. 3. Remote Presenters Today’s internet can easily support live HD feeds from remote locations allowing planners to bring in a presenter when there’s a scheduling conflict. Remote special guests can be seamlessly integrated into your broadcast with a professional look that will simplify your logistics and expand your speaker base significantly.
  4. 4. Live Host(s) Having someone provide commentary and context, even in the most straightforward of events, makes for a much more engaging presentation for the audience, while enhancing the flow of the event. A host can interview VIPs or speakers, giving viewers a different perspective of the presenter and more insight into the topic at hand.
  5. 5. Talk Show Broadcasting a talk show from the exhibit floor can be a huge attraction to both event attendees and your online audience. A casual interview style show that features industry guests - sponsors, specialists, authors, movers and shakers, etc. A live talk show gives your presenters an additional and more intimate forum to get their expertise known to a larger audience.
  6. 6. Live Interviews Recent advancements in wireless HD video now allow crews to easily go into areas of a convention without the technical hassles that used to limit access. This opens up new opportunities to bring in commentary from attendees as well as visits to different exhibits or booths to talk with vendors about their product and experience at the event. Having these interviews seen locally in the hall and throughout participating hotels further entices attendees to explore more of the exhibits.
  7. 7. Graphics Integration Much like a state-of-the-art television studio, new software based switchers allow for seamless integration of graphics and announcements to both attendees and viewers. Presenter’s PowerPoint slides are easily included in the broadcast complete with cool split screen and double box digital effects Schedules, industry tidbits, or other content can be seamlessly integrated into the flow of your stream.
  8. 8. Online Experience Not only can your online audience view the program but they can also participate through chat services and other options like online polling. Easily expand your viewers experience with additional bio and tech info, valuable content, and relevant links. Broadcasts can be embedded in your own site or integrated with social media sites Did we mention the online donation app? Yup, right next to your broadcast screen.
  9. 9. Social Media So much of how we connect is through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. so why not integrate social media into your broadcast? A live Twitter feed that displays comments, pictures of attendees, etc. can be integrated, creating a very unique social media feel within the broadcast. You can even set up a separate program that just features the social media channel where viewers and attendees can share their experiences
  10. 10. Post Event Content Everything you stream you can also record in 1080 HD so you will have an archive of content that can be repurposed for a variety of uses down the road. You could create a really cool highlight reel to send to attendees or a dynamite promotional piece for next year’s event. Bottom line…you’ll have content that will have residual value in countless ways.
  11. 11. Feel The Love Perhaps the biggest value of live streaming is the increased exposure it will bring to your vendors, sponsors and advertisers. Now their reach will be literally worldwide during your event. And don’t forget the amount of buzz and attention the broadcast creates at the event itself. Attendees will be exposed to vendors and sponsors in a much broader and engaging way, driving more visits to booths and more traffic to sponsor websites. Can’t you just feel the love?