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22 Key Takeaways from The Email Design Conference

The Email Design Conference is the premiere event for email designers and developers.

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22 Key Takeaways from The Email Design Conference

  1. 1. #TEDC15 Key Takeaways from @JimMacLeod THE 2015 EMAIL DESIGN CONFERENCE 22
  2. 2. #TEDC15 “Emails aren’t websites, but email design is web design. FABIO CARNEIRO MailChimp | @flcarneiro
  3. 3. #TEDC15 “Every year is the “year of mobile” in email design. MIKE RAGAN ActionRocket | @mike_ragan
  4. 4. #TEDC15 Be VIOLENT and ORIGINAL in your emails. DAN DENNEY Code School | @dandenney “
  5. 5. #TEDC15 “Scrolling behavior on mobile is natural. JUSTINE JORDAN Litmus | @meladorri
  6. 6. #TEDC15 “If you get it right on mobile, it will look great everywhere else. CINDY WHITE Plow and Hearth
  7. 7. #TEDC15 “Label your classes clearly. Keep your code clean. FAITH ALBERS Whereoware | @FaithAlbers
  8. 8. #TEDC15 “Don’t code like it’s 1999. BRIAN GRAVES DEG | @briangraves Photo by @krieger33
  9. 9. #TEDC15 “Step behind the click. Who is the human behind the click. VICKY GE Amazon | @vickymakesstuff
  10. 10. #TEDC15 “Email is a part of your software, treat it as such. ALEX MOHR sendwithus | @alexophile
  11. 11. #TEDC15 “A growth mindset means empathy for clients. KRISTINA HUFFMAN Salesforce | @krudz
  12. 12. #TEDC15 “No such thing as pixel-perfect design in email. FABIO CARNEIRO MailChimp | @flcarneiro
  13. 13. #TEDC15 Clicks are important to track, but an email that isn’t opened doesn’t matter. MATT LAUDATO Constant Contact | @MattOnData “
  14. 14. #TEDC15 “BSI: Big Sexy Images are great. MIKE NELSON Really Good Emails | @mevlow
  15. 15. #TEDC15 Transaction emails reduce anxiety! TOM BUCHOK CARL SEDNAOUI MailCharts @tbuchok @CarlSednaoui “
  16. 16. #TEDC15 “We need to treat emails as what they are: individual issues of a single publication. RYAN MERRILL Food52 | @procload
  17. 17. #TEDC15 “Have an elevator pitch for yourself. ANALISA CAPOTE Gulfstream | @analisacapote
  18. 18. #TEDC15 “ SHAIMOOM NEWAZ ExakTime | @shaimoomn Create curiosity through emotion.
  19. 19. #TEDC15 The power of segmentation: It improves your email performance: 13% higher opens, 52% more clicks, -28% unsubscribe rates, JENN RHEE Udemy | @juniorhee “
  20. 20. #TEDC15 “Interactive emails need to remain goal-driven. BRIAN GRAVES DEG | @briangraves
  21. 21. #TEDC15 “The lines between email and web are blurring; invest time in both. TED GOAS Canfield Scientific | @tedgoas
  22. 22. #TEDC15 “Be willing to scrap it all and start again if it doesn’t work out. MARK ROBBINS RebelMail | @M_J_Robbins
  23. 23. #TEDC15 “Outlook and Gmail aren’t changing anytime soon. We have to adapt to them. FABIO CARNEIRO MailChimp | @flcarneiro
  24. 24. #TEDC15 Key Takeaways from @JimMacLeod THE 2015 EMAIL DESIGN CONFERENCE Thank you to Litmus for putting on this great event.